Investing in Turkey is one of the best investment solutions, according to what was published by the American website live and invest.

Advantages of buying real estate in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Investing in Turkey is one of the best investment solutions, according to what was published by the American website live and invest.

Advantages of buying real estate in Turkey

Investing in Turkey is one of the best investment solutions, according to what was published by the American website live and invest about the best places to buy real estate in the world, as Turkey preceded Los Angeles, Rome, and other important tourist cities, and Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey in terms of the real estate investment market This is due to the fact that real estate in Turkey is affordable, suitable for all budgets, and is much cheaper than real estate in any other country in Europe and the Middle East region; With European quality comparable to the latest countries.

There are many attractions that attract attention in Turkey, including the wonderful climate, the strong economy, and the huge real estate market that achieves perfect growth every day, and the tourist and historical attractions still attract tourists from all over the world, and its regions are always a profitable option to invest in.

Get to know us now about the most important advantages of buying a property in Turkey:

  •  Obtaining a real estate residence permit in Turkey

 It is one of the best types of residency in Turkey, as it is possible for many foreign or Arab families to secure a stable place of residence for them in Turkey, as it is allowed to stay in Turkey once they buy a property in it, and this helps them achieve their other goals of work, study, marriage and stability.

  •  Possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship if your property has a value of $ 250,000

Obtaining citizenship outside the mother country has always been a dream for many people, especially young people who want to establish a beautiful and stable life. Obtaining Turkish citizenship fulfills this dream and ambition.

  • Obtaining a Turkish passport

It is obtained after obtaining Turkish citizenship, and it is a strong passport globally and gives its owner a lot of powers that benefit him and make him comfortable in his life in Turkey, as well as the facilities and privileges that he benefits from in other countries because of his Turkish passport.

  •  Achieving a return on investment

One of the strongest types of investments in Turkey is real estate investment in Turkey, and the return on investment in Turkey is very profitable, especially in the summer seasons, as you will achieve huge profits, especially since Turkey receives many groups of tourists from all regions of the world.

  • Taxes in Turkey are very low

This advantage is not only for the Turks, but for foreigners as well, and it is among a series of decisions that made work in Turkey smoother than in any other country, and these procedures and laws helped the real estate market to flourish in Turkey.

  • political and economic stability

 Turkey is experiencing political and social stability, which is ideal compared to the surrounding and regional conditions, and even compared to the Turkish situation itself several years ago.

  • Life in Turkey is not extravagant

The cost of living is relatively low compared to Europe and the countries of the region, with the availability of high quality and strong infrastructure.

  • Turkey where the recreational and conservative environment meets

Turkey is a safe, comfortable, beautiful and conservative environment close to Eastern and Arab customs.

  • An excellent opportunity to study

Turkey opened the doors to students of knowledge, it did not differentiate between a Turkish student and a foreigner, everyone will learn in Turkish schools, and everyone will receive attention and appreciation.

Documents required when buying a property in Turkey

In order to own a house in Turkey, the owner or authorized representative of the property they wish to buy must apply to the Land Registry Directorate.
Preliminary applications are submitted in the morning at the Land Registry Directorate by receiving the waiting list number.

 The documents required to realize real estate sales to foreign nationals are as follows:

  • Address of the property or village/neighborhood, island, plot of land, building, independent section information
  • Identity document or passport with translation if necessary
  • Obtaining a “real estate fair value certificate” from the competent municipality.
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for buildings such as homes and workplaces
  • Two photos of the buyer and the seller of the seller in the last 6 months (size 6 x 4 ).
  • Residence permits issued by the relevant police departments to foreign nationals whose purchases are subject to residence permits.

Tips before buying a property in Turkey

  • Buying real estate in Istanbul is more expensive than other Turkish cities, but it also represents the fertile financial and economic center in the country, so before buying a property, you need to accurately define your goal of owning a property, so if you mean work and life, Istanbul may be your ideal choice, but if If you want calm, away from the hustle and bustle of Turkey 's major cities, then Bursa or Trabzon, with its mountains, plains, greenery and sea, may be the most suitable for you.
  • When buying a property in Turkey , it is necessary to seek the help of a reliable real estate agentA professional real estate consultancy company  facilitates the purchase process for you, and saves you a lot of effort and time in following up the registration, certification and validation procedures.
  • The completion of the property purchase process in Turkey takes a period of time that varies according to the nationality of the buyer, the municipality of the region, whether the property is new or used, and whether foreigners have ever owned property in the region or not, and according to these and other factors, this period may range from one day to owning a property in Turkey and may reach It takes about 45 days to complete the necessary procedures and documents, so you will need to arrange your schedule accordingly. Use your trusted real estate agent to provide you with the correct dates and save time and effort.

    Now you can start searching for a property in Turkey while you are aware of the advantages and how to buy, and you can communicate with the FCC real estate team and benefit from the free consultations provided by the company's real estate consultants, which may save you a lot of time and money at the same time.

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