Many foreign and Arab students are looking for details of university housing in Turkey and how to obtain.

Advantages of housing foreign students in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Many foreign and Arab students are looking for details of university housing in Turkey and how to obtain.


Many foreign and Arab students are looking for details of university housing in Turkey and how to obtain and register for student housing there.

In this article, we will talk about the details of university housing in Turkey and the information that a foreign student needs to obtain university housing.



Important details about university housing in Turkey

  • International students are given several options regarding accommodation arrangements before they arrive in Turkey.
  • Most campus universities offer a variety of dormitory facilities or other options where registration for dormitory accommodation takes place at the beginning of the ninth or tenth month.
  • Accommodation is not shared or mixed and double, triple and quadruple rooms are available.
  • All residential facilities are equipped with basic necessities such as refrigerator, bed, wardrobe, desk and lighting.
  • The safety rate is high.


Governmental university housing in Turkey:

KYK government housing for foreign students belongs to the KYK Foundation of the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports, and it provides a good number of housing around 81 Turkish cities.

The Turkish government provides, among its projects and programs, to facilitate education for Turkish students, or exit from it except those registered in it, and there are several security systems such as the fingerprint system or the electronic card system for entry and exit.

Students who have study seats in Turkish universities or in Turkish language learning centers in Turkey, after obtaining a student proof paper from the university or language center, can review the Higher Authority for Student Housing Management YURTKUR to live in these housing.

The application is submitted to this institution, which approves and distributes students to housing.


KYK government housing features :

KYK skin card holder has many advantages:

* Breakfast and dinner daily.

* Free internet account that works in all government housing.

* Washing clothes in private laundries for free.

Giving a number of courses and side activities.

* Psychological and social support services by specialists.

* The right to sleep as a guest for ten days in any government student housing in any Turkish city he visits.


How many persons per room?

The general situation in the dormitories is uncomfortable for some students who prefer privacy and are looking for a quiet atmosphere, as the number of people per room ranges from 4-8 people.



Private student housing in Turkey Yurt :

It is a group of student residences that provide a quieter atmosphere than government student housing and are often located in places near private universities.


Yurt features :

Meals, as breakfast is basic, while lunch and dinner are for a nominal fee for students.

Open internet.

- Laundry and cleaning.

Presence of study places.

Availability of privacy.

This type of housing is the best for students in Turkey, as students per room are less than other types of student housing .


Youth housing in Turkey:

It is residential apartments for young people, and they often belong to an Arab person who rents the apartment from its owner, then furnishes it and rents it without contracts. It is widely available in Istanbul and many Arab students accept it.


Features of youth housing for foreign students in Turkey:

- The lowest price in Turkey

- The value of insurance is nominal compared to insurance for single homes

- The rent includes the cost of bills (water, electricity, gas...)



Private housing for foreign students in Turkey:

If you want to rent your own housing as a studio or apartment, you must pay a month’s rent and a month or two insurance, according to the lessor, and 12% of the annual rent value, in addition to a commission for the company through which you got the apartment, and you must also pay the bills on a monthly basis.

You can rent an apartment with a passport, but you cannot open the apartment's counters unless you have a Turkish residence permit.





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