The eyes of Arab investors are directed towards buying apartments in Istanbul, in both its Asian and European parts. And w.

Buying apartments in Istanbul within a residential complex

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The eyes of Arab investors are directed towards buying apartments in Istanbul, in both its Asian and European parts. And w.

The eyes of Arab investors are directed towards buying apartments in Istanbul, in both its Asian and European parts. Statistics in the real estate sector indicate a steady increase in foreign direct investment in Turkey. Especially after the measures taken by the Turkish government to encourage Arab investors and businessmen to invest their money in the Turkish real estate market by giving them all facilities, amending the laws of foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey and issuing the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship for those who own real estate worth 250 thousand dollars.

The Turkish city of Istanbul has witnessed a wide growth in terms of the construction sector, and this came with the recovery of the real estate market and the strong entry of foreign investments into the country, and on the other hand to meet the market’s need for more residential apartments, as Istanbul is the largest Turkish city in terms of population, and it is the incubator of the largest Construction projects in Turkey.

And when it comes to foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey, foreign investors prefer to buy apartments in Istanbul within residential complexes, and this is due to several important reasons that distinguish residential complexes from separate ordinary buildings.

What are the advantages of apartments within residential complexes?

Buying apartments in Istanbul within residential complexes is the ideal choice for both housing and investment, as many services and advantages are available within residential complexes that are not available in ordinary buildings. We mention the most important ones:

Protection and security system: A high-level security system is available in the Istanbul residential complexes, where a group of employees supervises the complex, whose task is to control the security of the complex, monitor cameras, and guard the entrances and entrances of the complex. It is forbidden to enter anyone other than residents or those who visit them, and it is forbidden to enter strangers, and thus it is impossible for thieves to be able to enter the complex.

Service and entertainment facilities : One of the most prominent advantages of residential complexes is the service and entertainment facilities, as they provide residents with all their needs. Within the complex, you will find family gardens and parks, gyms, Turkish baths, sauna rooms, jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, in addition to restaurants and cafes, shops, football, tennis and basketball courts, billiard halls, cinemas, children's playgrounds, and more. The services may vary from one residential complex to another, as the construction companies in Turkey compete to provide more distinguished services, ensuring the well-being of the residents by providing the best services.

Follow-up on maintenance and cleanliness : The residential complex management employs cleaners to take care of the cleanliness of the service facilities within the complex. It also provides general maintenance workshops whose mission is to carry out maintenance work periodically. This saves the residents of the complex effort and time to follow up on these works. It ensures that the complex is always kept clean.

Modern architectural style : Modern residential complexes have modern architectural designs, and construction companies are racing to come up with new creative ideas for the interior and exterior designs of the building. Also, most companies today adopt the smart apartment system, which allows its owners to control their apartment remotely, including closing and opening windows and doors, operating the cooling and heating system, turning on lighting, an alert system for when to water the plants, and so on, and the owner of the apartment can control remotely via the Internet even if He was out of Turkey.

Construction companies in Turkey relied on building huge residential complexes, which attracted the interest of Arab investors and local residents.

Strategic location: Construction companies to build residential complexes in Istanbul choose vital locations, and are keen to secure attractive views (sea view, view of the forest and green spaces). On the other hand, it depends on the proximity of the complex to important public facilities such as metro stations, schools and universities, shopping centers, etc., thus ensuring the provision of all amenities for the residents. Some projects also include malls for the residential complex that meet all the needs of the residents of the complex, and provide minibuses that take the residents to The nearest metro station or metrobus.


Various options: The options vary within the residential complexes, as the complexes include different types and apartments of various sizes, starting from a studio, then a room and a hall, and two rooms and a hall, and even 5 halls, and there are apartments in the duplex system, the preferred and preferred system among the Arabs.

When you make the decision to buy a property in Turkey, we at FCC Real Estate Group advise you to buy apartments within the residential complexes and avoid buying an apartment in a separate building, and we are happy to accompany you on your journey from the first step by providing the ideal real estate advice, providing the best real estate offers in Turkey , and ensuring a successful purchase.




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