One of the famous areas of Istanbul, the Fatih district . which became famous for its residential importance and

The Fatih district is one of the best housing areas for Arabs in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

One of the famous areas of Istanbul, the Fatih district . which became famous for its residential importance and


The state of Turkey, with its fame, has hit the corners of the earth... Who among us has not heard of Istanbul and its heritage? .. The areas of life diversified and flourished.. and it became a cultural mixture of civilizations and peoples.. where the different communities met.. and energies were mobilized.. and the result was progress and sophistication in every part of Istanbul.. 
and we mention from one of the regions The famous Istanbul , the Al-Fateh district ... which became famous for its residential and cultural importance, so did you know that it is one of the best housing areas for Arabs in particular in Turkey ... Learn with us about the Al-Fateh district and its various characteristics as follows ..

• Al-Fateh area location.
The Fatih region is located in the European part of Istanbul, bordered by the Golden Horn to the north, and the Sea of ​​Marmara to the south.

• The historical importance of Al-Fateh region.
We must mention the historical importance of the Al-Fatih region, due to its richness and its penetration into the past.. This is witnessed by the rich historical stations, such as Al-Fateh Mosque, Al-Agha Mosques, and the shrine of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih, which reflect the Islamic civilization that tells many events and events. Stories full of high values ​​and morals.

• The residential importance of the Fatih area for the Arabs.
The Fatih district is classified as one of the best residential areas in Istanbul for Arabs, due to the clear Islamic culture in it, which is an exclusive attraction for Arabs of all nationalities, in addition to the availability of an appropriate standard of living, and a variety of basic services .. and residential real estate .. and the increase in Various investment opportunities.

• The touristic importance of Al-Fateh region.
The Fatih region abounds with various tourist stations, museums, mosques, theatres, churches, beaches, various resorts, and towers such as the Beyazit Tower, Kıztaşı.. Therefore, it is one of the main areas on the tourist trip plan to Istanbul or Turkey as a whole.. Accordingly, tourism investments are increasing in it , such as restaurants, cafes, and various clubs... The government is constantly working on maintaining museums and mosques there.
The Fatih region is also full of various facilities and establishments, which are considered one of the basics of life ... such as universities and schools, such as   Istanbul University , Istanbul Medipol University, and Bizim University.
• The quality of urbanization in the Al-Fateh area.
Al-Fateh's various real estate properties are characterized by their high quality and conformity to the highest international standards, the use of the latest building methods, and updated anti-natural disaster technologies.
In addition to the quality of designs, decorations, and their diversity...
• Residential real estate in the Al-Fateh area and their prices.. Residential real estate
varies in the Al-Fateh area, being classified among the residential areas mainly, where there are houses, villas, apartments, and hotels, And buildings, and serviced residential complexes.. As for prices, they vary according to the individual specifications of the residential property, such as area, size, view, proximity to main roads and public transportation, and various centers and headquarters.. In general, like all other properties, Real estate prices are

In the Al-Fateh region, reasonable prices, and even competition when compared to their counterparts in other European countries.

If you are thinking of residing in the Al-Fateh area, it is a suitable and very serviced housing option..and you have to hurry to seize the suitable property , whether for residence or investment..because of the increasing demand of investors and residents for the Al-Fateh area, and the consequent gradual rise in prices ...


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