Sultan Ayoub district, or as it is known as Old Istanbul, is one of the most famous areas in Istanbul and.

Information about Sultan Eyup area ...

Date:Monday, November 1, 2021

Sultan Ayoub district, or as it is known as Old Istanbul, is one of the most famous areas in Istanbul and.

Information about Sultan Eyup area in Istanbul

The Sultan Eyup area, or as it is known in old Istanbul, is one of the most famous and distinguished areas in Istanbul. It is located specifically in the center of the European part of Istanbul on the western side of the Golden Horn Bay and extends to the shore of the Black Sea.
Sultan Eyup is a charming area in Istanbul that was established after the conquest of Constantinople, and it was the first Turkish Ottoman settlement outside the walls of Istanbul on the western side of the Golden Horn. This area and the turnout of many visitors to see this important tourist landmark, which distinguishes not only Istanbul but Turkey in general.

Tourist places in the Eyup region

- The area is touristy and contains many recreational facilities and gardens, and there is a “cable car” which is considered one of the important tourist destinations, as it constantly attracts tourists.

The Greater Istanbul Municipality established the "Biara Loti Cable Car" on November 30, 2005, with a length of 384 meters and a height of 55 meters, and it arrives within two and a half minutes, and takes about 3,500 tourists daily, and runs every 5 minutes, as each container can accommodate eight people, and it can It carried 650 kg and consisted of only two stations.
The cable car enables tourists to roam the "Biara Loti" hill, which has a tea café, family sessions, and markets selling souvenirs.
The distinctive picnic offers you to sip Turkish tea in the most famous outdoor café "Berlotti", then observe the city from the top of the hill, enjoy the beauty of the view of the Gulf of the Golden Horn, and take souvenir photos.
Through the binoculars installed at the top of the hill, visitors see the most prominent landmarks of Istanbul, such as "Galata Tower", "Sultan Ahmed Mosque", "Ayasofia", "Gulf Bridge", and "Sultan Eyup Mosque".
The hill of "Piara Loti" was named by this name after the French author "Piara Loti", who used to frequent it to write his most important books and poems, and who chose to reside in the "Eyup" area, while he was in Istanbul in 1876, and wrote two novels about the story of his presence in the city.

- The area contains one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul, which is the Eyup Mosque, which is distinguished by the presence of the tomb of the companion Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari.

The name Ayyub comes from the great companion Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari, who was the companion of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and the flag bearer. He came here with the Umayyad army in the first attempt to occupy Constantinople and died there. His last wish was to be buried near the city. His resting place was a place of sanctification in the Byzantine era. But during the Latin Revolution during the Fourth Crusade, the site of the tomb was lost and fell into disrepair, along with other Byzantine holy sites. Seven centuries later, during the conquest of Istanbul. It was rediscovered by the teacher of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih, Sheikh Aq Shams Al-Din. The Sultan then ordered the construction of a tomb or a mausoleum on the resting place of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, and a mosque in his honor after capturing the city. The first great mosque was to be built in Istanbul. With the hammam, school rooms and the canteen complex that will surround the mosque. At the same time, such a building was to be built in the city for the first time. This was considered the construction of many mosques, places of prayer and fountains, and at that time many Ottoman rulers wanted to be buried near the resting place of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. Then the area grew and gained many religious architects. It has become a place where Turkish and foreign tourists, who come to the area for the cool weather and beautiful scenery, have access to the Dervish Inn. During the period of the rise of the Ottoman Empire, Eyup Sultan was one of three known settlements outside the city walls. One was Uskudar and the other was a mistake. Some features of this period can be seen in the city's oil paintings, which include most of the work of Count Preziosi on the region of Job.

- Existence of the fantasy city of Vialand games "Isfanbul"

Isfanbul is one of the largest amusement parks in Turkey, and one of the best amusement parks in the Middle East for 2021. A thousand square metres.
The city of fantasy games, which opened in 2013, includes 50 fun games, ranging from water games, on top of which are water slides, which are considered one of the most crazy games in the world, in addition to car games, the death train, and the famous roller coaster game.
As part of an integrated service, the magnificent city of games provides exhibitions for the purchase of heritage exhibits, and markets for the purchase of clothes belonging to the most famous fashion designers, in addition to the availability of delicious food in the most famous Turkish restaurants that suit all tastes at very reasonable prices, which adds to the leisure trip an atmosphere of joy that is unforgettable. Tourist fatigue, stress and hardship.

Advantages of housing and investment in the Sultan Eyup area

The continuous rise in real estate prices, which enhances investment in the Eyup Sultan area, which is one of the important reasons that motivate real estate investors and push them to buy there.

- The area is suitable for families, because of the large number of service facilities in it, and the presence of a coast on its edge, and it contains several public and distinctive gardens, so it is an ideal place for family vacations.

- The area's Islamic and conservative character, which brings peace and tranquility to its residents

- The aesthetics of the area with its architectural style

- Establishment of modern-style housing projects

- Its geographical location is close to the most important landmarks of Istanbul

- The advanced infrastructure available

- The presence of Arab and international schools

- It is close to the famous universities in Istanbul

- Close to the new Istanbul Airport, with an estimated distance of 37 km, and to Sabiha Airport, 50 km

- Close to the most famous malls and various shopping places

In addition to its distinguished location, the Sultan Eyup district is characterized by having multiple options in terms of transportation, as it is located in and near all means of transportation from metro, metrobus, tramway and taxi, which facilitates great easy access to and from all areas of Istanbul, and saves time, effort and money, which is what most people are looking for Residents or who want to stay anywhere in Istanbul.


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