There are many reasons that drive many Arabs to choose Turkey as a destination to live, the most prominent of which is stability.

Living in Istanbul guide for ...

Date:Wednesday, October 6, 2021

There are many reasons that drive many Arabs to choose Turkey as a destination to live, the most prominent of which is stability.

Living in Istanbul guide for foreigners

There are many reasons that push many foreigners in general and Arabs in particular to choose Turkey as a destination to live, most notably the political and security stability and economic prosperity that the country is experiencing. In addition to the cultural rapprochement between Arab and Turkish society, where Arabs and Turks combine many common customs and life details. On the other hand, the Turkish government offers many facilities to all foreigners wishing to buy apartments in Istanbul and other Turkish cities to move and live, not to mention granting Turkish citizenship to those who own a property in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars.

It is worth noting that hundreds of foreign families who used to live in Europe and America have moved to live in Turkey. They invested their money in various industrial and commercial fields, the most prominent of which was the purchase of real estate in Istanbul with the aim of taking advantage of the high profitable returns offered by Istanbul real estate.

First, what are the procedures that you must take when coming to Turkey:

- If you intend to settle in Turkey, you must start learning the Turkish language, so that you can conduct your routine affairs and communicate with others, despite the fact that Turkey is one of the most important tourist countries in the world. It attracts millions of tourists annually, but the Turkish people only speak the Turkish language, and this comes from their pride in their culture and the preservation of their cultural heritage.
There are many applications and websites that contain the basics of learning the Turkish language, rely on them before moving on, which will help you learn the language and accelerate your integration into society and your understanding of Turkish culture and customs.

- Before moving officially, we advise you to visit Turkey with a tourist trip to get to know more closely about the country and choose the best city to live in.

- You have to rely on yourself and move between regions through public transportation, and we recommend that you use the rapid transportation "Metro and Metrobus", as the Turks depend mainly on it. Here, you can know the places and their locations and how to go anywhere you want easily.

- Visit the popular markets where all your needs are met, and learn about the huge commercial shopping centers.

- During your first tourist trip, and after an introductory tour of the beautiful tourist places in Turkey, visit the residential places, for example if you want to settle in Istanbul, and are looking for apartments for sale in European Istanbul, we recommend that you visit the high-end residential areas such as Başakşehir and Bahçeşehir, Borno olives, Beylikduzu and others. These areas in Istanbul are more attractive to Arab communities. It would be good to live in an area where Arabs live, especially in the first stage, so that you do not feel alienated and isolated, and although the Turkish people are friendly and kind, you will not be able to integrate without mastering the Turkish language.

- Communicate with real estate companies, which help you choose the most suitable apartment for your requests and needs, take you on a field real estate tour to visit residential projects and learn about areas in the city and protect you from falling into the trap of weak-minded people who try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge of real estate prices in Turkey. Where the prices of houses in Turkey differ from one city to another, for example, the prices of apartments in Istanbul are higher than in Bursa.

The investment options in the Turkish city of Istanbul vary, and thanks to its strategic geographical location and the importance of the city on the economic level and the tourism sector, it is attracting foreign investors and Arab businessmen. In the past few years, the real estate market in Istanbul has witnessed a wide movement of activity, which has contributed to attracting foreign investors towards real estate investment.

Real estate investment in Istanbul:

The interest of foreign investors focused on searching for apartments for sale in European Istanbul and the best hotel apartments in Istanbul, both Asian and European. Businessmen also preferred to search for villas for sale in Istanbul with a view of the Bosphorus. It is known that the prices of villas in Istanbul, those overlooking the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, are high compared to their prices in other regions, but at the same time they are witnessing an increasing increase on an annual basis. Some businessmen consider this This type of investment is the most successful.

If you are planning to enter the real estate market in Istanbul, you should see some real estate tips that FCC Real Estate Investment Group offers you, because the basis for the success of any investment is full knowledge of the sector in which you intend to work, and in this context we put in your hands our long experience in the real estate market We offer you the most important tips that you must follow before starting your investment in Turkey.

Real estate advice from FCC:

1- Choosing large cities with a large population, due to their stability, and we advise you to start your investment from Istanbul, as it is the capital of the economy in the country and the largest city in terms of population in Turkey. As for the choice of tourist cities, for example, it is an incorrect choice, because their properties are linked to indicators that change rapidly

2- Focus on the area of ​​the apartment well, as the apartments in the 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 model are the fastest selling and renting, while the apartments in the 1 + 1 and 4 + 1 model are less likely to be sold and rented.

3- Avoid buying an apartment on the first or last floor, focus your choice on the middle floors, as they are more profitable in selling and renting.

4- If your investment is in the rent, the annual profit return in the city of Istanbul, for example, ranges between 6-10% and rises in the case of tourist rental.

5- Focus should be placed on the real estate area and the services available in it from the transportation network and infrastructure, as these are the most influential factors in increasing the annual profit rate.

6- Your purchase of apartments under construction provides you with a 35% increase in the price of the property after its completion.

7- Make sure that your transactions are in Turkish lira in order to avoid exchange rate changes against other currencies.

8- If your goal in buying apartments in Istanbul is to obtain Turkish citizenship, we recommend that you go For commercial properties such as office apartments, hotel apartments or shops, they provide you with high profit returns and most construction companies offer rental guarantees for several years. In this case, you can benefit from the guaranteed returns and if you wish to resell the property after three years, and here it should be noted that the owner of the property applying for Turkish citizenship is not entitled to sell the property until three years after its purchase. And when you resell the property, you will get a profitable return from selling the property between 25-35% of the capital.

9- If the investor’s capital is large, we advise him to go towards the largest investment, namely construction projects, where he can buy a plot of land suitable for construction in an area close to transportation and public facilities, and start investing in it from the first steps, it is possible to build a hotel or a commercial complex and even a residential building And all these investment options return him an ideal profit.

The investment options in the Turkish real estate market vary, and between residential and commercial real estate, and after determining the investment portfolio, the investor must take real estate advice from those with experience in this field.
Contact us at FCC Real Estate Group, as we put in the hands of our valued customers years of practical experience for our team, and we always strive to gain your trust and ensure the success of your investment.


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