Medical tourism in Turkey occupies a high position of attraction around the world, as millions of tourists visit.

Medical tourism in Turkey 2020

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Medical tourism in Turkey occupies a high position of attraction around the world, as millions of tourists visit.


Medical tourism in Turkey occupies a high position of attraction around the world, as millions of tourists visit the country annually to receive medical and hospital services, such as natural springs, and specialized health centers equipped with the latest equipment .

Medical tourism is also one of several tourism products that Turkey is famous for, along with recreational tourism, adventure tourism, religious and cultural tourism. It is also considered one of the most important pillars of the Turkish economy and a major source of national income, which relied heavily on its prosperity and the hard currency it generates .

Besides, the government has made healthcare an integral part of the medical tourism development plan.


Attractive processes for tourism and treatment in Turkey

Body plastic surgeries : It is one of the most prominent types of plastic surgeries that take place in Turkey.

Hair transplantation :  It is, of course, the most popular plastic surgery available in Turkey and anywhere else in general.

Cosmetic dentistry operations :  It is what is called the Hollywood smile because it is expected that after this operation, teeth will be obtained that are more like new ones and distinct in shape.

Facial plastic surgery :  In this type of surgery, the focus is on dark circles, sagging, pimples, and so on.


What are the most prominent advantages of conducting medical tourism in Turkey?

Ease of travel and accommodation

The easiest thing you might do, dear patient, is to decide to travel to Turkey on a medical trip, because there you will not bear the burden of residence, transportation and travel itself, because all of this will be facilitated when you contract with a distinguished center or a specialized company, as most clients who choose Turkey put it in the first place The idea of ​​not suffering during their journey and the ease of all the steps of transportation, residence, tourism and hiking, so we are facing an easy journey, which is an advantage that is not widely available in other countries other than Turkey .

The number and quality of medical centers

One of the most important features that make you prefer medical tourism in Turkey is the presence of many medical centers in it, as the more medical centers there are in a country, the more the idea of ​​having better services in a competitive manner is a sure idea, as when there are a few centers there are Therefore, a small number of services and technologies, and everything else is found in Turkey's centers that are fully accredited in addition to the presence of the best doctors and specialists, and perhaps the quality of those centers is more evident through the presence of branches in another country in the Middle East and Europe .

Turkey modernizing itself medically

Most of the centers located in Turkey are internationally accredited medical centers, but that is not all, as these centers do not remain in their first condition, but rather seek permanently to develop themselves. It may not exist anywhere other than this country, and this is evidence, of course, of the tremendous development that it is constantly reaching .

Competitive cost 

Searching for the total cost is one of the things that is never overlooked when thinking about a trip to Turkey or any other country for treatment, because costs are what lead people to places, when the process is available in a place with low costs, it will definitely be the first destination to travel to. , especially when it comes to quality associated with costs, you will get a distinguished international service and at the same time you will not pay much, and in fact, we are not talking about high or low costs only, but also the provision of competitive prices by Turkish centers, so you will find yourself in front of the best and the best of it .

Availability of springs and healing springs

Turkey 's keen interest in modern technical medical treatment based on the most important and best devices and technologies does not mean that another important form of treatment will be overlooked, and the talk here is about physiotherapy through springs and important healing eyes, and what is distinctive here is not only its presence in Turkey, it is present in abundance, of course. , but also exploiting this presence and introducing it into treatment in a beneficial way for all those who need it





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