Get real estate for sale in Turkey, with great features, at special and appropriate prices, and in charming places ?.

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Date:Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Get real estate for sale in Turkey, with great features, at special and appropriate prices, and in charming places ?.

Are you looking for real estate for sale in Turkey? The idea of ​​buying real estate in Turkey has become one of the popular ideas among the public interested in real estate markets around the world because it is considered a success par excellence.
In this article, the editorial team at FCC Real Estate will provide you with a detailed report on a topic that many people are looking for, which is (real estate for sale in Turkey). If you are interested, you can follow us to the end, hoping for an enjoyable and useful reading.
Why are you looking for real estate for sale in Turkey?
Recently, many foreigners, businessmen and investors invaded the real estate market in Turkey. Despite their different nationalities and the countries to which they belong, Turkey's real estate was a common goal among them. Through the following paragraph, you can find out the most prominent motives that encourage them to own property:
-The first motive: A wide category of foreigners is looking for real estate for sale in Turkey for real estate investment. All indicators and evidence confirm the correctness of this choice in order to obtain a high and abundant profit within a short period, in addition to a wide range of privileges that will be obtained through this project.
-The second motive: According to statistics issued by the professional authorities, more than forty percent of those who came to own real estate in Turkey aimed to obtain Turkish citizenship.
-The third motive: searching for real estate for sale in Turkey for housing, stability and permanent residence, as Turkey is a dream for every foreigner or Arab looking for a safe home.
(Note: Depending on the goal that you seek to achieve by purchasing real estate in Turkey, the selection mechanism must be carried out. The real estate suitable for housing may not be suitable for investment. Do not forget that there are specific conditions that must be met by the appropriate real estate to obtain citizenship, the most prominent of which is that its price should not be less than 400 thousand American dollar).
How to buy real estate in Turkey?
Certainly, you will need a real estate guide to help you in the journey of buying real estate in Turkey, especially if this is your first experience in buying real estate or you are not familiar with the set of regulations and laws enacted by the Turkish government.
Through the following paragraph, you can learn about the steps to be taken when finding real estate for sale in Turkey:
1 - Determine the purpose of the purchase:
We have already mentioned the main objectives for which the foreigner is looking for real estate for sale in Turkey, which are:
-Obtaining Turkish citizenship.
-Guaranteed real estate investment.
-Permanent residence and settlement.
-Accommodation in Turkey during the tourist seasons.
-Obtaining real estate residency.
2- Allocating the budget:
One of the important procedures that must be taken when buying a property in Turkey is that you must calculate your financial balance and compare it with the amount of expenses you need to finish the price of the property and other costs in order not to be surprised by anything that was not taken into account so that you do not have the option to borrow because it is a real problem.
3- Making field trips:
Do not give up your right to take tours to visit the most important residential and investment real estate projects in Turkey, as this puts in your hands a lot of distinctive options and makes you look at many different specifications and prices to choose what suits you very easily and your real estate advisor helps you in those tours.
4 - Hiring a real estate agent:
Many people who wish to search for real estate for sale in Turkey choose to search on their own, without asking for help from a real estate consultant, believing that it is an easy step, although in spite of this, an advisor familiar with all the details and information is indispensable.
Hiring a real estate agent saves you a lot of effort - fatigue - time - paying money in the wrong place, and do not forget that the lack of it means that you may be a victim of real estate fraud.
5- Follow up on websites:
Recently, websites have become the ideal solution for those who want to buy a property in Turkey easily without having to take real estate tours or waste time. Through the computer screen, thousands of offers can be viewed, you will only have to make sure that you deal with a well-known website with a good reputation.
6-Extracting the real estate appraisal document:
Obtaining this document is an essential and indispensable element as it determines the price of the property accurately, controls real estate prices, and prevents any manipulation, increase or decrease. In other words, it was a safety document for investors, which prompted them to decide that Turkey would be their first destination for buying real estate.
Finally, there are many routine procedures that the real estate company can help you to complete, such as extracting the title deed, following up on the legal status of the property, and others.
Notes on searching for real estate for sale in Turkey:
Now, here are a set of tips and advice that you need when you are in the process of buying a property in Turkey, see them:
1 - The legal status of the property must be reviewed, as there may be a problem that hinders the completion of the sale process, such as seizure or mortgage, which negatively affects the value of the property and its investment importance, as well as making it difficult to sell it in the future.
2 - If you want to invest in real estate, you should not choose a property with a large area, where it is enough to be medium or small in order to benefit from it quickly. You will find that renting it is easy and reselling it will not take much time, as the demand for it is large compared to large properties.
3 - For a profitable real estate investment, you must choose a strategic location. The three main elements for the success of any real estate investment are the location, then the location, then the location. The more distinguished it is, the higher its price over time and the increase in demand for it.
But what are the characteristics of the real estate owner of the strategic location?
-To be near it, there is a tourist attraction / historical tower / natural place and others.
-To be close to one of the development projects that Turkey contains.
-Close to public transportation.
-To be close to malls, commercial centers or vital markets.
-To have educational, health or recreational institutions nearby.
4 - Be sure to choose an upscale view, such as the one that overlooks the sea, green spaces, forests, or other distinctive views.
5 - You have to look at the forms of real estate fraud followed so as not to be one of its victims, most notably: telling the buyer that the property is suitable to obtain a high investment return or to apply for Turkish citizenship, or a higher price may be requested than it is due for it, and in all cases the buyer will have paid misplaced money.
6 - You have to choose the right time to buy. In some seasons of the year, prices become very appropriate, such as in winter, because of the cold weather conditions, it is difficult to move from one house to another, and therefore real estate prices drop significantly, making the opportunity available to you to own at a low and appropriate price.
The most important types of real estate in Turkey:
Of course, you know about the great diversity witnessed by the real estate market in Turkey, which makes the options many, but it is headed by the apartments of residential complexes, which ranked first as the most sought-after real estate for purchase by foreigners and Turks alike, for many reasons and advantages they enjoy, most notably:
-It is a completely safe place to live and rest, as those in charge of it provide it with surveillance cameras, alarms and security guards at the external gates.
-Most of the complexes contain a sauna - Turkish bath - steam rooms - indoor and outdoor swimming pools, parking lots and more.
-It occupies strategic locations within the city and often overlooks the sea or the forests.
-These complexes are provided with large green spaces to give them a lively and upscale character.
-Suitable for real estate investment, the prices of apartments are constantly increasing as a result of the great demand for them.
The most important cities to buy a property in Turkey:
If you look at the statistics issued by the concerned authorities, you will find that the city of Istanbul occupies the first place undisputedly as the most selling real estate state in Turkey, and it has maintained its position for many years. It is a destination for anyone looking for excellence, sophistication and luxury, and its most prominent features:
-Its geographical location extends over the continent of Europe and Asia, which gave it great diversity.
-It has a sophisticated, modern and high-end infrastructure that competes with the most important European countries.
-The real estate sector is very diverse and suitable for different tastes and budgets.
-Its high population density made it a suitable choice for real estate investment.
-It is among the most important tourist destinations in the world, as it contains many historical, archaeological and natural attractions.
-It is easy to find real estate with sea view in Istanbul.
-Real estate prices in that city are appropriate and outperform similar cities in other cities in this respect.
How to invest in real estate in Turkey?
We have already mentioned that one of the main reasons that encourage the search for real estate for sale in Turkey is the desire to invest in real estate, where a lot of profits and returns can be achieved throughout the year. Add to your information that real estate can be invested in Turkey in multiple ways, ideas and methods, the most important of which are:
1 - Renting real estate to obtain a distinct return, especially in the tourist seasons, even if it occupies a distinguished strategic location.
2 - Selling the property to get the price difference between the buying and selling stages, but you must wait for the prices to rise.
3 - It is possible to buy and invest in a real estate of a touristic nature, such as restaurants, cafes, or shops close to tourist places and destinations.
4 - There is a popular investment project in Turkey at the present time, through which a lot of profits can be made, which is to buy an old apartment, carry out some maintenance and restoration work for it, and then rent it or resell it.
5 - Buying a studio apartment and renting it to students or anyone who wants to live alone, as its space does not fit more than two people as a maximum.
6 - It is possible to obtain high profits when investing in commercial real estate, as its rents are high, and one of the advantages of investing in it is that you will not have to repair the defects that appear in the property because the tenant prefers to equip it in a way that suits his investment project. Also, you will not face procrastination in paying the rent because the tenants are their conditions Excellent physical.
Real estate for sale in Turkey in installments:
You may want to buy a property in Turkey, but your financial budget does not help you buy and pay for the property in cash. What is the solution? Should the purchase be withdrawn? Certainly not, because there are many other solutions that make you the owner of real estate in Turkey at prices that are suitable for you and without having to face financial pressures, such as buying an apartment in installments within one of the projects that are under construction.
On the one hand, real estate that is under construction is much cheaper than ready-made properties. On the other hand, buying an apartment in installments means paying for it in stages and installments.
Add to your information that the prices of under-construction apartments rise by large percentages upon completion of the construction stages, as they range between 35% and 70%, and this opens up an opportunity for you to profit and invest.
Also, buying an apartment in installments allows you to obtain real estate residence and Turkish citizenship if its specifications match the conditions for obtaining it. If you are wondering about the ease of finding properties for sale in Turkey in installments, this is very easy because many construction companies seek to build huge and distinctive projects to attract the largest possible number of investors and buyers and even create a balance between the volume of sales and purchases.
This was some important information that you should know when you are looking for real estate for sale in Turkey. If you have more inquiries, do not hesitate before contacting our real estate consultant to provide you with the assistance you need.


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