Real estate residence is a residence permit that a foreign citizen obtains in Turkey upon completion of work

Residence in Turkey by buying a property

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Real estate residence is a residence permit that a foreign citizen obtains in Turkey upon completion of work

When thinking about residency in Turkey, the idea of ​​obtaining the necessary permits becomes the first thing that concerns you, but given the options offered by Turkey to foreign people wishing to reside in it, the option of obtaining real estate residency appears as a suitable option with advantages that make it easier for you, as it gives you the advantages of owning a property in a country It is witnessing economic growth and real estate prosperity, in addition to the advantage of obtaining long-term legal residency, so we will discuss everything related to residency in Turkey by buying a property and the steps to obtain it.


What is real estate residence in Turkey?

A residence permit that a foreign citizen obtains in Turkey is the completion of the process of buying a property in Turkey, and it is issued by someone in the Immigration Department of the state in which the property is located.


What are the advantages of real estate residence in Turkey?

- Allowing the buyer of the property to legally reside on Turkish lands.

Providing the possibility of entering Turkey without the need to obtain a travel visa or security approval for that.

- It does not require a specific type of real estate to obtain real estate residency , so the ownership of any real estate in Turkey, whatever its value, gives the buyer the right to obtain real estate residency , but it is stipulated that the real estate that will be purchased should not be within the areas where ownership is prohibited for security or military reasons.

- The opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship if the purchased property is worth $250,000 or more.

After 8 years of obtaining continuous real estate residency in Turkey, its owner has the right to apply for a long-term residency.

- Facilitating the movement of investors, merchants and businessmen, and the procedures for establishing companies and recruiting workers in Turkey.

Providing the possibility of travel and movement between Turkish cities and regions without the need to obtain a travel permit.

- The possibility of obtaining the opportunity to study in the schools and universities of Turkey.

The possibility of obtaining medical insurance in Turkish hospitals.

Providing the possibility of opening a bank account in Turkey.

The possibility of owning a private car in Turkey, in addition to the possibility of obtaining a Turkish driving license.

- Real estate residence permit in Turkey is granted for a period of two years, with the possibility of renewing this residence permit

The real estate residence permit is given to the spouse of the property owner in addition to the children under the age of 18.


What are the conditions for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey?

- To have obtained the title deed (Tapu) after purchasing the property, and this bond must be kept to be presented at each renewal process at the time of each renewal process at each renewal process

The price of the property should be commensurate with the number of individuals registered in the title deed.

The property that was purchased must be for housing.

- To obtain your own tax number from the Tax Department in Turkey.

The period of validity of the passports of the buyer and his family should cover the period of the real estate residence that is being requested.

- To pay real estate residence fees and taxes.

To obtain real estate residence in Turkey , you must apply with the following documents attached:

* Title deed of real estate (Tabu).

* Application form

* DASK property earthquake insurance document

* The buyer's passport (at least valid for six months).

* 4 personal photos for each family member

* To obtain a real estate residence permit for the family, a family statement must be prepared for the children, translated into Turkish, and certified by the Turkish Turkish Embassy. Certified by the Turkish Embassy. Certified by the Turkish Embassy.

* Health insurance for every member of the family.


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