Turkish real estate is very diverse, in terms of the surrounding environment, real estate designs, and.

The diversity of Turkish exhibitions expands the Turkish market

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkish real estate is very diverse, in terms of the surrounding environment, real estate designs, and.

Turkish real estate enjoys great diversity, in terms of the surrounding environment, real estate designs, types, grades, shapes, different specifications..., and this diversity is reflected in the offer of Turkish real estate , along its market, its breadth, and the diversity of its options more and more.. 
What are the types of Turkish real estate ? How do they differ from each other? Does the diversity of real estate exhibitions affect the investment movement? Let's discuss these matters.

First: What are the advantages of general Turkish real estate ? Turkish real estate
is distinguished from others, and it is distinguished by the following specifications: • The strategic location of Turkey. The Turkish state enjoys a unique strategic location, between the countries of the Middle East and the countries of Europe .. Accordingly, Turkish real estate extends over the continents of Asia and Europe, and occupies a variety of wonderful and beautiful views, due to its supervision of the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea , and the Mediterranean .. and lakes, such as Lake Tangier, and .. • Competitive prices for real estate. The solid Turkish economy, government support for the Turkish real estate sector, and support for the influx of foreign investors have contributed to investing in Turkey

.. To maintain the prices of Turkish real estate, to an acceptable level, and even consider their prices competitive, if compared to their counterparts in other European countries! .
Government support.
The Turkish government has provided absolute support and importance to the Turkish real estate sector, due to its awareness of its direct connection with the rest of the various fields and facilities of life. This support has been manifested through several laws, the most prominent of which is the law of granting Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment .
• Quality and perfection.
Turkish real estate is characterized by high quality in general, its compliance with international standards, and the use of the best and latest construction and design methods and techniques ... taking into account the qualitative differences between the various real estate properties.
• Real estate diversification, and the active investment movement.
Turkey is a diverse and prosperous country in most sectors of life! Where the real estate market is full of various investment opportunities, such as hotels, restaurants, apartments, lands, houses, villas, residential complexes, gardens, and shops..and 
there are ready-made properties, and there are properties that are still Under construction.. that is, in short, the Turkish real estate market is distinguished by its great richness and diversity.. which is met by an active investment movement..

Second: What is the impact of the diversity of real estate exhibitions in Turkey on the real estate market there?
The diversity of real estate exhibitions helps the Turkish real estate market expand on a wide horizon, and this is what we see in reality, as the Turkish real estate market includes a very wide exhibition that meets the desire and ambition of all its visitors, of different nationalities... In addition to the flexibility of real estate laws. And the smoothness of the investment process... which increases the desire and interest of investors. Real estate companies
, in turn, provide daily offers, organized and classified, and equipped with various details, enabling the investor to see all he wants to know about the Turkish real estate offered for investment .. This diversity in real estate exhibitions in Turkey has contributed to the increase in popularity and extension The real estate market in general.

We find that Turkish real estate today, and the investment projects in it, constitute an aspiration and desire for major investors ... due to the various factors and high-end specifications that it enjoys, and the correct marketing for it, which considers the diversity of real estate exhibitions the essence of its success and spread ... It is also considered One of the main factors contributing to the prosperity of the Turkish real estate sector in general.




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