Economic stability is one of the secrets of the success and prosperity of various real estate investments in.

The strong economic structure, driving the real estate investment boom in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Economic stability is one of the secrets of the success and prosperity of various real estate investments in.

The Turkish economy is characterized by its strength and stability ... as it was able to prove itself in the face of many obstacles and historical turns ... and economic stability is one of the secrets of the success and prosperity of various real estate investments in Turkey . 
What are the elements of the strong economic structure in Turkey? And how did it affect the real estate market and various investments?

An interconnected network of factors... As a result, we see prosperity and real estate development constantly increasing! 

Where did the strength of the Turkish economy come from?
The active tourist movement.
Turkey is a tourist country par excellence , and we can hardly count the monuments and tourist stations scattered in different parts of Turkey due to their great abundance and diversity (beaches, museums, parks, resorts .. and among the famous names we mention, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, Temple of Artemis, the city of Ancient Phaselis, Maiden's Tower, Bosphorus Bridge...) Therefore, the tourism sector is classified among one of the state's basic economic resources.
And the tourism movement in Turkey is  always active and renewed, as it organizes tourist and recreational trips throughout the year, to various Turkish regions that are equipped with tourism requirements. 

Advances in industries and agriculture.
Agricultural crops of all kinds constitute the raw materials for various industries in Turkey..Technical development has led to the improvement of farming and irrigation methods, and the raising of the general productivity of various crops..The
availability of raw materials, and the technical development of industrial machinery, have also led to the development various industries, and the advancement of the industrial sector entirely, to international levels. 
Industry and agriculture are one of the main economic resources, which contributed to raising the value of Turkish exports, achieving sustainable development and economic independence! .

We conclude from the above, the factors of strength and prosperity of the Turkish economy.. Now, how does economic strength affect real estate investments ?
Economic stability leads to maintaining real estate prices relatively constant in an approximate way, as the upcoming investors are reassured to invest in Turkey , in terms of preserving the value of their real estate as it is, and the real estate history in Turkey attests to that! .
In general, the investment movement increases with the availability of economic power and the required raw materials. 

What is the role of government support?
And government support stands alongside the general economic power, and increases it.. which is reflected in the increase in the number of real estate investments .. Among the most prominent things mentioned within this field is the government’s enactment of laws and decisions supporting the investment movement, such as reducing taxes that must be paid by investors. Foreigners, and the law of granting Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment in Turkey, within specific clauses that are easy to achieve ... 

Many factors, and unique natural ingredients, gathered in Turkish real estate , such as the strategic location, the wonderful view, the quality, the diversity, the active investment movement ..., and the strong Turkish economy came, which enhanced the value of real estate, and enabled investors Achieving many profitable investments that brought them wealth, by making real estate prices in general acceptable, and commensurate with quality and specifications..and maintaining the value of these real estate with relative stability, within the various local and international variables! .
As long as the Turkish economy is solid! In turn, we guarantee the regular conduct of any investment process, on the path to success and sure profits! And this is the secret of what we observe in Turkey day after day.



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