From the far north of Turkeywe are talking here about a Turkish state called Trabzon, the bride of the Black Sea.

Trabzon is the lung of life in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

From the far north of Turkeywe are talking here about a Turkish state called Trabzon, the bride of the Black Sea.

From the far north of Turkey.... We are talking here about a Turkish state called Trabzon, the bride of the Black Sea, the dazzling Turkish paradise.

Location, area, and population of Trabzon 
The state of Trabzon is located in the north-east of Turkey , near the Georgian border, on the Black Sea coast . This region has a long history and a very important commercial and navigational advantage, as it is located on the historic Silk Road, and is considered a reference point. Important for navigators in bad conditions.
Trabzon has an area of ​​about four thousand six hundred and eighty-five square kilometers.
As for the population, the latest statistics in 2019 indicated that the population of Trabzon is about 757 thousand people.

Weather and Climate in Trabzon 
Since Trabzon is a coastal region, its climate is coastal par excellence and it has abundant rainfall. Trabzon
's climate is warm and humid in summer, and in winter it is cold.

About the tourist attractions in Trabzon ...
There are many ancient tourist attractions in Trabzon, including Ataturk Palace (one of the most important palaces spread in Turkey and is considered a heritage for the ancient kings who ruled the region), Trabzon Müzesi Museum, Trabzon Castle, Serra Gol Lake (It is full of restaurants and tourist resorts adjacent to its banks, in addition to the creative landscapes of mountains and plateaus adjacent to the lake), Uzungöl Lake, Sumela Monastery, Sultan Murad Heights, Chal Cave, Haydar Nabi Hill, Ayder Village, Hamskoy Village, Eight Pillars Bath, Karji Mosque , Tas Han ... and many other attractions.

The importance of the tourist attractions in Trabzon...
The aforementioned landmarks reflect the ancient Turkish history, including decorations, drawings, murals, and ancient monuments, and constitute a historical reference for Trabzon in particular and Turkey in general.
These regions differ from each other in that each region has its own uniqueness in terms of its historical story and importance, and they all come together to gain Trabzon a striking and important diversity.
Also, the pleasant and beautiful weather in the region made the tourism movement in Trabzon a very active and influential movement in the Turkish economy.

Between tourism in Trabzon and real estate investment in it...

The active tourist movement in Trabzon, and the continued influx of tourists from all over the world, and the multiplicity of tourist activities in it such as shopping, visiting monuments and recreation..and many other factors that contributed to presenting the image of this state with the most beautiful images in the world, and today a visit constitutes Trabzon and spending a vacation in it is a dream for many...
And the increase in tourism in Trabzon has in turn prompted the real estate sector in the state to move to meet the needs of tourists and the growing population...
As a result of the development of the real estate movement, Trabzon has become a state full of real estate and projects Huge real estate investment , which made it a destination for real estate investors in addition to being a huge tourist resource.

Real estate in Trabzon...

Trabzon real estate, like other real estate in Turkey , is very diverse, as there are lands, apartments, hotel apartments, huge residential complexes, houses, villas, shops...

And there are many huge real estate investment projects associated with these options , and these projects have made huge fortunes for the pioneers of the real estate market in Trabzon .

And with the presence of these diversified tourist destinations and advanced real estate investment projects in Trabzon, Trabzon has become a tourist destination for hundreds and thousands of tourists, and a haven for large local and foreign investors.



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