Most people prefer to live in Turkey within residential complexes that enjoy various social facilities, … 0

DUES in Turkey

Date:Friday, September 24, 2021

Most people prefer to live in Turkey within residential complexes that enjoy various social facilities, … 0

DUES in Turkey

Most people prefer to live in Turkey within housing complexes that have various social facilities, but they must pay royalties for those services provided, by the housing complexes in Turkey. And these services in the residential complexes such as: heating, cleaning, security, gyms, swimming pools and the like services and facilities, which are used jointly by the residents of the apartment complex.

However, it should be noted that the revenue fees in major cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, have reached a large amount, almost exceeding the monthly rent for residential homes in some areas.

Istanbul ranks first, in terms of paying fees, the highest among the Turkish states.

Among the regions of Istanbul, the highest percentage of revenue fees was recorded in the Besiktas region, with a value of 29 Turkish liras per square meter, in other words, revenues of approximately 2,800 Turkish liras are paid in an apartment of 100 square meters in Besiktas.

First, what is the DUES fee?

"It is a fee paid on a monthly and periodic basis to the administration of the architecture or the residential complex, in exchange for certain services provided by the administration of the architecture or the complex, and these fees are applied in all countries of the world, not only in Turkey."

Second, what are the services provided by the architecture or complex management?

Residential architecture services differ from the residential complex, and with this difference, a noticeable discrepancy occurs in the monthly amount called the monthly returns.

Residential complex services

The residential complex includes more services than residential architecture, as it provides luxurious services to the tenants or the original owners.

1) GYM

2) swimming pools

3) Security and surveillance cameras 24/7

4) Car garage

Shared services between the architecture and the residential complex

1) Electricity and elevators

2) Cleaning

 How much is the DUES?

The value of the proceeds varies according to the quality of the building or the residential complex.

But in general, the value of the monthly revenues for regular buildings and buildings starts from 30 pounds and reaches up to 60 pounds (if there are no additional services in the building such as a gym or a swimming pool).

As for residential complexes, the value of returns starts according to the number of square meters, and often starts from 12 liras per square meter.

What is the employment project in residential complexes and who prepares it?

The operating project is an accounting table in which the estimated expenses of the housing complex are determined, and the share of one independent part (one real estate unit) is calculated.

But if there is no approved operating project, in this case the complex manager makes an estimate to divide the expenses that must be paid in advance by each participant, and he informs the owners of this officially. The received objections are considered for a period of 7 days, after which the division is approved and a decision is issued by the owners council.

It is worth noting that the final decision that is approved by the owners council is considered a final and enforceable decision, and the only reference to object to it is through the competent courts.

How is the value of DUES determined in Turkey?

Residential complex expenses are determined based on the above-mentioned operating project, and if there are no special provisions mentioned within the complex management plan, in this case, the division of proceeds is determined according to Article 20 of the Floor Ownership Law.

Where the relative distribution of returns is determined as follows:

50% for the staff.

25% for energy and maintenance resources.

25% to manage the complex.

These percentages do not differ regardless of the size of the complex, the number of independent parts in it, or the diversity of the facilities of the residential complexes and their public or social services, such as sports clubs and health facilities.

But what happens if the returns are not paid on time?

Revenues are a matter obligated by law, and a right of workers to secure services, protected by law and making it a binding duty on the owner of the housing unit or on the tenant residing in this apartment.

A late payment fine of 5% for each month is applied to those who are late in paying the advance payments, and the value of the delay is calculated per day, so that 5% is calculated for the whole month, and divided by the number of days of delay. For example, if the value of the advance payment for the proceeds = $100 per month, then the value of the monthly delay fine = $5, and therefore the value of the daily fine = 5 ÷ 30 = $0.16, multiplied by the number of days of delay, so if the contributor is delayed 7 days, for example, he pays 7 days x $0.16 = $1.16.

And if this does not work, the building or complex administration can resort to the judicial authorities, to collect this right, and in the event of non-payment, these cases may reach the stage of seizure of the residential property.

In the event that the problem is not resolved, it is possible to reach the forced sale of the property by the judicial authorities, to pay the debts owed by its owner, and these matters may be matters that many people are ignorant of.

Procedures to take into account when paying the proceeds on service apartments in Istanbul

Of course, there are some procedures that must be taken into account with regard to the returns on service apartments in Istanbul, in order to guarantee the right of both the consumer or residents of the complexes, as well as the owners of residential complexes, and these procedures include:

Verify the value of the proceeds on the service of apartments in Istanbul and ensure that you receive all the services for which you are paying the proceeds.

Emphasize the need to obtain a receipt proving that you have paid the value of the proceeds and keep it to guarantee your right as well as the right of management.

You only pay the person designated to receive the value of the proceeds on the service of apartments in Istanbul, which is known to everyone.


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