Besides its geographical location and strategic importance, Turkey has strengthened its position as a country that attracts

Get to know the major ...

Date:Thursday, February 17, 2022

Besides its geographical location and strategic importance, Turkey has strengthened its position as a country that attracts

Get to know the major investors in Turkey

Besides its geographical location and strategic importance, Turkey has solidified its position as a country that attracts direct financial investments from all over the world with its attractive long-term opportunities for international investors. Foreign direct investment, which was at the level of millions of dollars until the first decade of the twenty-first century, entered a process of rapid increase as of the beginning of the second decade.

Because of its proximity to European and Middle Eastern markets, Turkey has been able since 2003 to attract direct investments from all over the world amounting to nearly $165 billion in many areas, from industry to finance, from energy to transportation, and from mining to retail.

The volume of foreign investments in Turkey

According to data released by the Central Bank of Turkey (TCMB), direct investments by non-residents in Turkey during the last 18 years (2003-2020) amounted to 164.6 billion US dollars. The year 2007 witnessed the attraction of the highest foreign direct investment in the history of the Turkish Republic, with a value of about 19.1 billion dollars.

While the largest amount of direct investments in Turkey came from Europe, the share of investments coming from European countries ranged between 60% and 87% of the total foreign investments in Turkey over the years.

During the last 18 years, direct investments of $120.1 billion came from Europe, $29 billion from Asia, and about $14.3 billion from America.

During the mentioned period (2003-2020), foreign investors invested $54.2 billion in the finance and insurance sector, about $18.1 billion in the energy sector, $14.4 billion in information and communications, and $11.1 billion in wholesale and retail trade, in addition to $9.3 billion in Food sector and $3.5 billion in mining.

Major foreign investors in Turkey

* The Netherlands: The Netherlands is Turkey's largest investment partner in areas such as ports, logistics, real estate, construction, agriculture, aviation, food, electronics, automobile manufacturing and supply, as well as health tourism. During the aforementioned 18 years (2003-2020), the Netherlands injected direct investments into the Turkish economy, amounting to approximately $26.2 billion, which is approximately 16% of the total foreign investments in Turkey during the same period.

The United States: The United States of America ranked second on the list of countries that invested most in Turkey during the same period, as it invested 12.9 billion dollars directly in many areas such as finance, food and technology. While its largest investment was in 2007 after it invested a total of 4.2 billion dollars in the banking sector, the share of its investments reached 7.8% of the total foreign investments in Turkey.

The United Kingdom: The United Kingdom has the third highest investment in Turkey, as England invested 11.6 billion dollars in Turkey during the aforementioned 18 years, and its investments, which amounted to about 7.1% of the total investments, diversified into many sectors, most notably infrastructure, energy, food, tourism, finance and communications .

Austria: With a total investment of about $10.6 billion in the aforementioned 18-year period, Austria ranked fourth among the countries most invested in Turkey, after increasing its investments since 2006 and focusing them in wholesale and retail trade and the energy sectors.

* Germany: Exploiting the depth of the roots of the economic and political partnership between them, German investments in Turkey have made great strides during the mentioned years, and Germany ranked fifth with investments amounting to 10.1 billion dollars. German companies also preferred direct investment in Turkey in the fields of cars, industry, energy, petrochemicals and many other fields. other.

* Countries with large investments: Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium, France and Azerbaijan are among the top ten countries investing in Turkey. These countries invested in many fields such as banking, insurance, energy, cars, petrochemicals and food, while the total volume of investments for these five countries combined amounted to about 42.3 billion dollars during the mentioned period.

Gulf countries investments in Turkey

Direct investments by Gulf countries in Turkey have diversified in many areas from industry to finance, and from retail to media. While Gulf investments amounted to about $11.4 billion during the aforementioned 18 years, the UAE ranked first after its investments amounted to about $4.3 billion, followed by Qatar in second place with $2.7 billion, Saudi Arabia in third place with $2 billion, and Kuwait ranked Fourth, $1.9 billion.


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