House prices in Turkey have become the talk of the hour for many who want to buy real estate in.

House prices in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

House prices in Turkey have become the talk of the hour for many who want to buy real estate in.

House prices in Turkey have become the talk of the hour for many who want to buy real estate in Turkey , as what Turkey possesses of elements such as the strategic location and natural resources is enough to guarantee it a real estate renaissance like the one it is already witnessing nowadays.

The difference in house prices in Turkey has several direct factors, including:

1- The real estate area in Turkey:

As the area is a key factor in determining the prices of apartments in Turkey , and in general, the larger the area of ​​​​the property, the lower the unit price per square meter, and vice versa.

2- Age and condition of the building:

In the event that the property is under construction, its price is expected to be relatively low, which leaves a better margin for a good investment return compared to ready-to-move-in properties in Turkey , in addition to the possibility of an improvement in real estate prices in the future.

3- Location:

Where the proximity of the site or its distance from the city center directly affects the determination of the value of the property in Turkey . Real estate in Turkey that is located in the heart of the city has a higher price than that located in its suburbs.

As well as those that are adjacent to historical areas and sea views, all of this plays a key role in determining the value of the apartment to be evaluated.

4- The proximity of the house to modern transportation stations and lines in general:

Despite the permanent development of the public transportation network in Turkey, house prices in Turkey still interact up and down whenever public transport stations of all kinds are near or far from them: Metro, Metrobus, Tramway…

If we take the prices of houses in Istanbul, for example, the Esenyurt region enjoys preferential prices because it is witnessing a continuous social and urban renaissance, and work is still ongoing in a large number of huge projects, where it is possible to obtain apartments suitable for all segments of society, according to various large, medium and limited budgets. . It has become possible to obtain luxury apartments equipped with many modern facilities within many luxury projects in the region, at affordable prices within everyone's reach.

House prices in Turkey are among the best investment areas:

When searching for apartments for sale in Turkey , the focus is not limited to the famous areas only, but it is advised to go to the investment areas that are witnessing continuous expansion and promising opportunities, such as the new areas of Istanbul that are preferred by everyone looking for an apartment for sale such as: Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Buyukcekmece .


It is the most important city in Turkey, the largest in terms of population, and its economic, tourist and cultural capital. As its population is close to 16 million, and the city is administratively divided into 40 municipalities, so real estate prices range within a wide range of options.

An example of a moderate price and excellent services is the Olympa complex, which is located in the Basaksehir area, the new center of Istanbul, and is close to all services, facilities and means of transportation, and the complex is not only close to the mall, but the mall is part of it.


As for the city of Antalya, which is considered the most important tourist base in Turkey, it is noted that the value of real estate is constantly increasing within the summer and vacation areas in the city. These areas have a high potential for growth and investment.


The real estate value of the areas located on Bursa Road is increasing day by day, and at the forefront of these areas that witness a rise in real estate value is the Karaca B region, and Mudanya and Nilufer are among the other areas that attract the attention of investors.


Green Trabzon is considered the bride of the Black Sea, the paradise of the Turkish north, and the neighbor of the Georgian border. Its mountainous villages are scattered like pearls on the tops of the clouds, above the cold highlands even in the hottest days of summer. Therefore, it is witnessing a "permanent" rise in real estate prices .


The Karasu region is considered one of the most important investment areas in the city of Sakarya, as the region is witnessing the establishment of a seaport, which gives a promising future to the region. After the Karasu region, which is witnessing a continuous rise in the value of real estate, are the two tourist regions of Akyazi and Trakli.

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