It must be the real estate success that Turkey witnessed in the past years that encouraged investors to h

How was real estate investment in 2020?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

It must be the real estate success that Turkey witnessed in the past years that encouraged investors to h

Every year that passes, the percentage of real estate activity in which it occurred differs, so it is either increasing or decreasing from the surrounding years. If we searched for real estate investment in Turkey during the year 2020, we will find that it was full of it, as it reaped huge sums that reached sixty-seven billion. Turkish lira, this large number was recorded after the Turkish government allowed foreigners to own real estate in it, as it witnessed an endless demand from all parts of the world, in addition to the facilities that you will find on your way to buy it.

What are the reasons for the success of the real estate sector in Turkey in 2020?

The real estate success that Turkey witnessed in the past years must be what encouraged investors around the world to invest their money in its real estate as it is an unparalleled real estate tourist destination. In the beginning, real estate in Turkey has a wide scope for choice, so there you will certainly find everything that meets your desires. And your aspirations for the property that you will buy, and that Turkey is one of the countries that will provide you with the appropriate property and the international quality specifications for construction, and we must not forget to refer to the attractive price that suits your budget set for it, this is all in addition to the facilities provided by the Turkish government, which shortened a lot of Time, effort and fatigue.

Will the real estate revolution in Turkey witness stability?

According to what the official authorities responsible for buying and selling transactions declare, real estate investments in Turkey are increasing day by day, and every year that passes is witnessing a significant increase from the previous year, and since foreigners were allowed to own real estate in it, this increase occurred, which recorded an imaginary number of sixty-seven One billion Turkish liras, distributed over various properties between agricultural lands, residential apartments , and commercial stores .

Which Turkish cities are the most attractive to foreign investors?

There must be cities that outperform others in attracting attention, and this is due to factors that these cities bear that are not present in others. In Turkey, especially in the year 2020 AD, the choice of investors was in the cities of Istanbul and Antalya, so Istanbul was the number one among all Turkish provinces and cities, so it was The amount of real estate sold in it is large compared to other cities, as it reaped the number of seventeen thousand two hundred real estate sold, and its bridesmaid in this regard was the city of Antalya, which reaped the number of six and a half thousand real estate, followed by Ankara and Bursa, and then Yalova.

German investors are at the forefront of Turkish land investment:

There is, as is well known, that real estate investment in Turkey has many types, including land investment, which was the desire of German investors in particular, as they were buying lands intended for construction and the number of them amounted to about two hundred lands. The hundred and ninety lands, the English, the Afghans, and then the Iranians.

Who are the investors who chose built real estate investments?

Iranian investors ranked number one in the investment of built real estate , as their share of it was about six thousand real estate , and the Iraqis were in the second place, then the Russian and Afghan investors, and finally the German investors were concentrated in the last rank.

What was the choice of Iranian and Russian investors in Turkey?

As for the Iranian investors, they occupied a very advanced rank in the demand for the city of Istanbul, and after that came the Iraqi, Afghan, Chinese, and finally the Yemeni investors. Turkish has never been prominent in this real estate field, so it was the share of Iraqi investors in the first degree, and behind them were the Iranians, the Germans, and finally the Ukrainians.

- What is the reason behind investors choosing Turkey in particular to establish their investments in it?

It is certain that Turkey's strong economy has a hand in choosing investors for its land specifically, rather than the rest of the other countries of the world. Also, Turkey is a country that enjoys unshakable political stability, so there is no room for it to enter into a dispute with anyone, in addition to the dual character that includes the first western par excellence and the other eastern Islamic We can say that it is also Arab due to its extensive mixing with Arab countries, and the beauty of Turkey and its charming green nature was a factor of attraction and attraction for investors around the world. Moreover, the government decision to reduce taxes on real estate is what contributed to this demand. This decision was alongside many Other amendments to the constitution and all these factors contributed in general to a strong renaissance in the field of real estate investment in Turkey in 2020 AD.

Finally, it becomes clear to us that real estate in Turkey in general is characterized by its strong attraction to real estate investors and those wishing to own it, due to its natural factors that it has in addition to its economic factors as well, but by the year 2020 AD it witnessed a remarkable harvest in the amount of real estate sold in it by multinational investors, and as a result of this demand The big one got a lot of money, raised its economy, and presented it with many degrees at the global level.


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