The tendency of many foreigners to buy apartments in Istanbul is a natural result of their desire.

Important tips before buying a ...

Date:Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The tendency of many foreigners to buy apartments in Istanbul is a natural result of their desire.

Important tips before buying a property in Turkey

The tendency of many foreigners to buy apartments in Istanbul is a natural result of their desire to settle in this country and focus on investing in it, in addition to searching for work and life opportunities in this country.
But in the beginning, before deciding to buy a property, you should know some tips and instructions that will help you buy the right property without mistakes and away from cheating.

The most important tips recommended when buying a property in Turkey:

- Checking the specifications of the property in Turkey before buying it:

Depending on the specifications that you aspire to be present in the property, the choice is, and the more luxury and amenities are many, the greater your happiness will be in terms of investment or stability. In which it will cost a price to buy a property in residential complexes, it will be much higher than the prices of ordinary apartments, in order to distinguish the first from the second in the amount of services provided in it,
Now what are the factors that must be available that qualify one to own a property in Turkey within the residential complexes that achieve what they aspire to?
The beginning and the most important factor that must be available when buying a property in Turkey is the element of money, so you should have a sufficient amount of money to buy a property like this, in addition to the extent to which you need these services provided within this residential complex in Turkey, even if you are looking for privacy that isolates them from the overcrowded world This will be a suitable option for you, as if you are looking for peace and quiet, residential complexes will be your goal and demand.

- Determine your financial budget before buying a property in Turkey

Care must be taken when buying an apartment in Turkey and you have to compare the price requested for it and its conformity with the specifications on the ground, and the factors that determine its price are, for example, close to the coast, even if it is located near the public transportation network, which is a factor that everyone is looking for, and as we mentioned Previously, Turkey's apartments within the residential complex are more expensive than the regular apartment, and this is a clear element to everyone, in addition to the fact that the view of the apartments in Turkey plays an important role in giving them their real price, and moreover, the fact that the property is modern and works to determine the price of the apartment in Turkey is the new and modern property It is more expensive than the old one because it is less consumed, and finally there is an important factor that plays a role in determining the price of apartments in Turkey, which is the furnished apartment whose price is more than the empty apartment.

- Ask about the real seller of the property:

Where it must be ensured that the real estate seller is the real owner of this property, by securing a copy of the property title deed and reviewing the Real Estate Department (Tabu Department) accordingly, and checking whether the information contained in the said deed matches the information recorded in the real estate records, and it is not verified This is only through the confirmation of the employees of the Real Estate Department (Tabu) exclusively. This golden advice is one of the most important tips an investor needs when buying a property.

- You must legally buy the apartment in Turkey:

This is a very important factor. You must stay away from the crooked ways of buying real estate in Turkey.In order to save some money, the return will be losing all the money. In the beginning, you have to be careful to extract the real estate evaluation paper that determines the real price of the property in Turkey by studying its details. All, and you should never forget to obtain the title deed from the department responsible for this matter, and there must be a security approval that authorizes your purchase of this property and this condition is only for foreigners residing in Turkey.

- Ensure the availability of a real estate appraisal report:

Where the General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Records, affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Cities in the Republic of Turkey, issued a circular stressing the need for a real estate appraisal report to appear for every foreigner, as of the date of the decision. This is to protect the foreign investor and prevent real estate fraud by intermediary companies or persons.

- Checking the type of property title deed (Tabu):

In Turkey, the types of real estate title deeds used in the procedures for buying and selling real estate may be similar, for example, if the real estate deed is a temporary ownership instrument, as is the case in real estate under construction or whose construction has not yet begun, in this case it must be ensured that there are no obstacles That would impede the transfer of the right of temporary ownership of real estate to a permanent right of ownership after the completion of construction, such as the completion of construction and construction licenses for the real estate project, and other related licenses and permits.

- Complete the ownership procedures in the title deed department exclusively:

The most prominent advice indicates the need for the process of buying and selling a property in Turkey through the Tapu Department, where any unofficial contracts or issued by a notary, mukhtar or other authorities are considered "insufficient", and do not prove that the ownership of the specified property has passed to the buyer.

- Confirm the type of property allocation: residential or commercial?

At the forefront of the advice you find for real estate investment in Turkey, is to ascertain the type of property. It is necessary to ascertain the primary purpose of establishing the property in question, by reviewing the municipality or the Real Estate Survey Department. For example, if the property in question is a residential unit, it is considered to be within the scope of the units. Is the property intended for the establishment of housing units, or is it intended for other matters?

- Ensure that the property data registered in the bond matches the real property:

Recent real estate advice from experts in the Turkish real estate sector emphasizes the need to verify that the sold property is the same property offered to the buyer, so the actual address must be reached by precisely locating the property, based on the real estate map approved by the Real Estate Survey Department.

- Check that there are no restrictions or reservation signs on the property:

Ensure that there are no restrictions on the property, which is likely to reflect Negative impact on the property, or directly affect its price, depending on the type of sign or violation.

- Consult a real estate expert for tips when buying a property:

Buying a real estate is an important and expensive matter, and it involves many risks, so the use of experts is the advice that we repeat with each step, as every real estate investor must consult with an expert, who gives him investment advice that protects him from unfairness and deception, and helps him check all procedures, papers and legal documents including He keeps his rights.

We at FCC Group for Investment and Real Estate Development offer you the best projects in Istanbul and accompany you with all the procedures related to the purchase process, starting from the reception at the airport until you receive the title deed. resale.

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