Istanbul is full of different types of real estate, including hotels, houses, apartments, swimming pools.

The factors that determine the age of the building in Istanbul, and its impact on the purchase of the property

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Istanbul is full of different types of real estate, including hotels, houses, apartments, swimming pools.

Istanbul is full of different types of real estate , including hotels, houses, apartments, swimming pools, villas, complexes, etc.. 
and similar properties differ among themselves according to several factors, including the location, the most beautiful view, and the investment movement. The most active, the proximity to public roads and transportation.. Finally, the age of the building.. 
What are the factors that determine the age of the building in Istanbul? Does the age of the building affect the price and purchase of real estate in Istanbul ? Here is this useful information, dear reader. 

The factors that determine the age of the building in Istanbul ... 
(the age of the building).. By this term, we mean the period that has passed since the construction of the property or the building.. The age of the building is determined by several factors.. and affects many of the next steps involved in the investment of the property .. We mention who These factors..
- The type of building materials used in building the property, and their quality.
- Various techniques and modern technology, in protection from disasters...
Application of modern building methods.
- The quality of the land on which the property is built in Istanbul .
- Natural disasters.
_ The quality and consolidation of the property. 
_ The nature in which the drug is located, and environmental specifications.

How does the age of the building affect the purchase of real estate in Istanbul? 
According to the aforementioned factors, real estate properties differ from each other and differ from each other. And as a general abbreviated law.. the shorter the age of the building, the lower its price.. and the characteristic of the building age of the real estate in Istanbul is classified into four types according to the following... 

- First: The real estate is under construction or under construction , which is the different real estate whose construction and preparation has not yet been completed.
- Second: Real estate (0), which is the ready and modern real estate, which has not been inhabited yet, and these real estate constitute an excellent residential environment. 
- Third: the used real estate, and by that we mean the real estate that has been established for a few long periods of time.
Fourth: The uninhabitable real estate is a group of uninhabitable real estate. 

Now, who are the pioneers of each of these categories? And how do Istanbul real estate differ in prices, based on the different types of building age? .. 

- 1 - Real estate under construction : Most of the real estate investors want to buy such real estate , where they get it at cheap prices after something.. And they establish various real estate investment projects in it 
. They are looking to buy a residential property in Istanbul
- 3 - Used real estate: Many residents and investors hesitate to buy this type of real estate for several reasons related to fears of non-compliance with specifications, unsuitability for living in the real estate, or investing it as it is, and the real estate would be habitable in such a case. , when no more than ten years have passed since its construction.
- 4 - Uninhabitable real estate: Real estate investors, and (real estate developers) specifically, want to obtain it, as this type of real estate constitutes a fertile ground for real estate development projects in Istanbul.

The property of the building age is one of the basic and essential factors in selecting the property and determining its price ... You should be keen to know the age of the building for the property that you will buy in Istanbul and other Turkish states, through proven legal documents.



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