If you want to buy a property, or if you want to start in the real estate field, or if you want to.

The most important real estate ...

Date:Wednesday, October 20, 2021

If you want to buy a property, or if you want to start in the real estate field, or if you want to.

The most important real estate information you should know

If you want to buy a property, or if you want to start in the real estate field, or if you want to invest in real estate, whatever your goal is,
it is very important to find information about real estate before starting the stage of searching for the right property.

Here we will share with you important information about real estate that everyone should know before heading to Turkey.

1- real estate investment

Real estate investing includes buying, owning, managing, renting and/or selling real estate for profit.Real estate improvement falls under the real estate investment strategy known as real estate development
or real estate development Real estate is a form of assets that are difficult to liquidate (difficult to convert into cash) compared to other investments such as investing in the stock market.

Real estate investment also requires a large capital, although the capital can be obtained through a mortgage loan and real estate investment depends on cash flow greatly.


Real estate finance means assisting persons or corporate bodies to obtain the necessary financing to purchase, modernize or build a property. Sometimes up to thirty years.


A mortgage is based on the fact that you own a property and want money for any reason. Some people want money to expand a business or start a project New commercial.

And if we notice that in the mortgage you own a property and you want money, but in real estate financing, you do not own a property and you pay to buy a property.

4-Tapu or title deed

It is the official document that is organized in the Land Registry Directorate. It includes detailed information about the property and its location.

There are many types of Tapu in Turkey:

Land bonds suitable for construction and agricultural land: They are the bonds in which the land is registered to indicate its condition whether it is empty, valid or Not valid for ages.

Building bonds: The main general building information is mentioned.

Real estate easement bonds: In these bonds, the real estate sections are mentioned, where the project is divided into independent sections, for example, the division of apartments in a building.

Full title deeds: They are title deeds in which the ownership of real estate is registered after the final completion of its establishment.

Details of the property are mentioned, such as its area, apartment number, etc.


It is a sum of money paid by the buyer upon agreement on the sale process, provided that it is calculated later from the original price upon concluding the contract,
and this amount is not refundable in case of disagreement. It is known that the deposit should not exceed 2.5% of the property value.

6-What is meant by the brokerage or net?

brokerage means that the broker's commission is paid by the seller, meaning that the price that the seller receives is deducted from the broker's commission.

Net means that the seller gets the full price of the property without any decrease, and the costs of the broker's commission are borne by the buyer.

Thus, the brokerage for the buyer is considered net for the seller, and vice versa.

7-Types of real estate and residential units

When we discuss the types of real estate, it is better to divide them into apartments and villas:

Apartment types

1- studio

2- apartments

3- duplex apartments

4- apartments

5- Penthouses

Types of villas

1- Townhouse

2- Twin-home

3- detached villa

8-The difference between fixed and reducing interest

First, you must know that the amount of the monthly installment that you pay will be a part dedicated to repaying the loan itself and a part dedicated to paying interest on the loan.

One of the things that everyone who deals with banks should know is “the difference between fixed interest and reducing interest.”

In the fixed interest, the amount you pay to pay the interest on the loan is equal on all installments. The amount you pay to pay the interest on the loan in the first year is fixed until the last year does not change,
but in the diminishing interest, the largest part of the interest on the loan is initially paid in the first years and then The amount of interest you pay decreases as the years pass

In the diminishing interest, the bank takes its profit early, and it is known that the bank’s profit is in the interest on the loan.

From another angle, in the diminishing interest, the portion allocated to repay the loan itself is small in the beginning and increases with the passage of years.

The disadvantage of diminishing interest is that if you try to pay off the loan early or sell the property, the bank will take its profit from you from the beginning, and therefore experts advise fixed interest.

Fixed interest and reducing interest are equal and there is no difference in the amount you will pay if you choose either. Interest on $200,000 as 5% fixed interest equals the reducing interest on the same $200,000 at 9.015%.

There is no difference as we explained, except that in the diminishing interest in the first years of the loan, most of the monthly installment is directed to pay the interest on the loan.
On early repayment of the amount you would have paid if you had chosen fixed interest.

9-real estate appraisal

It is the determination of the real value of the property based on sound scientific foundations, and the results of this process are used in the buying and selling, mortgage and insurance operations,
and mostly the real estate appraiser is a certified neutral appraiser expert from a government agency.

10-real estate broker

It is the person who mediates between the seller and the buyer to complete a transaction of buying or selling a property in return for a commission.

11-real estate Mediator

He is a person who works in the real estate field and has the necessary experience and knowledge in real estate so that when someone who wants to sell his house turns to him,
he can search for a buyer for his house at a fair market price by using his extensive network of relationships,
and this broker is one of his duties to tell the seller the advantages and disadvantages of his house and the average prices of houses similar to his house in terms of area and location.

12-real estate agent

A person who obtains a power of attorney from real estate owners or real estate development companies for the purpose of selling and marketing these properties.
A real estate agent is a person who obtains power of attorney from people or companies for the purpose of buying real estate for them at the best prices.
In order for a person to be called a real estate agent, he must have concluded contracts with real estate development companies in order to be an exclusive agent for them,
meaning that there is no other person who buys and sells the real estate of these companies other than him. Sometimes the real estate agent concludes non-exclusive contracts with real estate development companies.

Any real estate agent must have the ability and advanced knowledge of real estate marketing, and he must have the ability to analyze the real estate market,
and have information about the supply and demand ratios in the real estate market, and he must have the ability to determine the best time to buy the property and the best time to sell the property.
The real estate agent and the real estate broker must hold a license to practice the activity from the country in which he works.


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