Real estate investment in Turkey enjoys leadership over other investments, so what are the types of

Types of real estate investment in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Real estate investment in Turkey enjoys leadership over other investments, so what are the types of

Real estate investment in Turkey enjoys leadership over other investments, as the areas of successful investment and its tools vary, and its elements consist of different components, such as investment in the stock market, investment in the industrial or agricultural field, commercial investment, or real estate. Investments are distinguished according to their locations and the elements of success that support them. Each location has its advantages, and each investment has the ingredients for its success.

The reasons that prompt you to invest in Turkey are many and varied, including:

Successful economy.

* A suitable investment climate.

* High infrastructure.

* Strategic location.

* Low taxes.

Types of real estate investment:

Investing in residential real estate

This type is concerned with the types of property and real estate intended for housing purposes such as villas and houses, and it is available and recommended in Istanbul and all cities of Turkey, where residential real estate is one of the safest types of investments due to the guaranteed investment return that it provides to the investor, and the investment return is obtained from residential real estate in two main ways: :

Rent: Many investors buy and rent residential properties in Istanbul , as the rent in Turkey rises annually in varying proportions. The rental value of any property in Turkey increases by more than 10% annually.

Resale: In many cases, residential properties under construction are purchased for the investor to sell after the completion of the construction process and obtain a high profit return.

Investing in commercial real estate

The shops are distinguished by their diversity, as is the case in Istanbul real estate . Where there are many options that constitute very feasible and profitable investment opportunities

Stores and warehouses are very successful and sustainable investments, as Istanbul is one of the most commercially active cities in the region.

Hotels It is possible to invest in hotels or hotel apartments whose return continues for many years due to the high demand for them.

Commercial offices whose return on investment is benefited from renting them to companies that are established continuously in the city with a developed economy.

Commercial real estate in its various forms: It is one of the most important investment sectors that direct efforts to enter its field because it is a means that preserves capital without many losses that affect investors. Therefore, it is recommended to enter the field of commercial real estate because it returns large and increasing profits if it is managed with organized plans for the long term. And it is through choosing the best sites for real estate investment and entering emerging markets that have solid ingredients for advancement and expansion.

Reasons for the success of real estate investment in Turkey:

"What are the reasons that encourage me to invest in real estate in Turkey " is one of the most frequently asked questions, and we will answer this question in the coming lines and highlight the most important reasons for investing in Turkey , which are:

- The picturesque nature of Turkey, which is represented by the presence of museums, temples, monuments, mountain peaks, commercial markets, the blue waters of the Bosphorus, and the moderate climate in summer and winter in Turkey.

Turkey's social and political stability in the Middle East.

- Turkey's economy has a great and distinguished future, and expectations indicate that the Turkish economy will be the fastest growing economy in the coming period, as it annually attracts more than 15 billion US dollars in foreign investment in Turkey.

- Turkey has the Islamic character that is spread in many of its cities, and Turkish people have high morals that make them treat foreigners and Arabs well.

- Laws that guarantee and facilitate the rights of foreigners, which allow them to own property in Turkey and reside for life, which are renewed annually once they own a property in it.




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