Turkey, with its fame, has hit the corners of the earth, enabling it to possess unique ingredients in

A comprehensive guide on living in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey, with its fame, has hit the corners of the earth, enabling it to possess unique ingredients in

A healthy environment, stunning nature, a direct view of the sea and beaches from the balcony of your home, apartments and houses in a country full of energy and movement. If this is what you are looking for with passion...then Turkey, the ancient and modern country, welcomes you...

The strong Turkish economy

Turkey, with its fame, has hit the corners of the earth, enabling it to possess unique ingredients compared to other Arab and foreign countries. The attractive strategic location plays a major role in the commercial and maritime traffic in the region, if Turkey controls the Bosphorus Strait and its extension on the continents of Asia and Europe And the Black Sea, which earned it international commercial fame and made its economy achieve very high ranks globally.

As a result of the strong Turkish economy, Turkey has maintained its position during many crises... and has become a destination for many people, merchants and investors, in addition to several other factors....

Picturesque nature and fabulous views

Where Turkey has a unique and distinctive picturesque nature that gives it a special character that cannot be imitated in all countries...and this nature was a strong factor in the rush of expatriates and tourists to Turkey to get to know it closely or reside in it... There are those who go to Turkey to enjoy its nature , and getting acquainted with its culture, or their desire to reside in Turkey because of the good international reputation that this country receives.

What are the features of life in Turkey?

In terms of study, educational institutions such as schools , universities and institutes open their doors to Turks and communities from all countries to receive knowledge, information and certificates. The Turkish government provides residents, tourists and expatriates with a relatively high and decent standard of life, when compared to European countries. And foreign.


Jobs chances

There are many job opportunities for those who wish to work in Turkey, but it is often required to apply for job opportunities to master the Turkish language. But in general, finding a job opportunity in Turkey is not very difficult if you have the ingredients for the work that you will apply for and the required expertise.


There are many high-level universities in Turkey, including international universities that have a ranking in the world and a good reputation.

The requirements of daily life. It is an attraction for many students to come and study there.


It is a foregone conclusion that the Turkish real estate market is a market full of vitality and permanent activity. In Turkey, you will find homes or apartments in all regions, equipped, serviced, and suitable for your budget. Turkey's real estate is generally characterized by its prices being acceptable and suitable for everyone. As for With its quality, real estate in Turkey today has entered the arena of real estate competition in the world.

Through these elements, we see that the standard of living in Turkey is a very high level, and this level attracts residents of different nationalities, where all the basic requirements for life are available, and the assessment of existing services is a global competitive assessment. The Turkish market is generally diverse, as it is available in All the products that we use in our daily lives. The cost of living is acceptable, good, and not high when compared to other countries.

medical care

Turkey has a very good level of medical care , as it contains many hospitals , clinics, and multiple health units distributed throughout the country.

Today, we find a mixture of peoples within one city in Turkey, which led to the fusion and merging of various cultures into one template and one country, and this contributed to the gathering of experiences from around the world and moving forward in the process of development in all fields and sectors of life in Turkey .


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