Turkish cities attract tourists from all over the world, as every city in Turkey is distinguished by its.

All you need to know about the city of Kocaeli in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkish cities attract tourists from all over the world, as every city in Turkey is distinguished by its.

All you need to know about the Turkish city of Kocaeli:

Turkish cities attract tourists from all over the world, as each city in Turkey is characterized by its own character and includes various tourist attractions. If you are a fan of pristine nature with its forests, mountains and valleys, or you are interested in discovering historical monuments, you will find everything you like in Turkey. On the other hand, Turkey is a destination for investors interested in the Turkish real estate market and those looking for apartments for sale in European Istanbul , and Arab businessmen interested in searching for villas for sale in Asian Istanbul and buying apartments in Turkey in general. Where the country meets the most prominent economic and tourism elements that make it a fertile environment for investment and tourism at the same time.

We are telling you today about the city of Kocaeli, which is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey . It is located on the Sea of ​​Marmara, bordered by the Black Sea to the north, the green city of Bursa to the south, Sakarya to the east, Istanbul, Yalova and the Sea of ​​Marmara to the west.

Historical overview:

The city of Kogali was founded by Virginia King Nicomedia I in 262 BC, under the name of Nicomedia. Kogali was the capital of Bithynia during the era of the Roman Empire. Diocletian made it the eastern capital of the Roman Empire in 286 BC. Nicomedia remained the capital of the eastern Roman Empire until Constantine the Great was defeated in 324

Until the end of the eleventh century, the city was under the control of the Byzantine rule, until it was seized by the Seljuk Turks. Then the Byzantines recovered it in 1235 AD, and in the first half of the fourteenth century it was annexed to the control of the Ottoman rule in 1338 AD, and since that date it has remained a Turkish land.

Tourist attractions in Kocaeli:

The city includes many beautiful tourist attractions that attract local and foreign tourists, and its most prominent features are:

The clock tower that was built in order to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Sultan Abdul Hamid II's ascension to the throne of the Ottoman Empire. He ordered the construction of the tower "Musa Kazem Bey".

Shipyard Museum : The museum includes a large collection of ancient ships that were used in the past in the exploratory tours of the Turkish army, and the museum contains a collection of archaeological marine tools.

Kocaeli Forests : Kocaeli forests extend over large areas of the city and are located northeast of Kocaeli, and are among the most beautiful places for hiking and recreation among the lush nature.

Kartepe Ski Center: The city of Kocaeli is famous for its huge ski center, which attracts ski enthusiasts from all over Turkey and foreign tourists as well. The place includes many cafes and restaurants that serve seafood, especially salmon. The Kartepe region is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey , and it is frequented by tourists, thanks to its location near Istanbul . It includes Kuzu Yala Park and Saadiya Park, which constitute the largest natural park in Europe and attract photography lovers from all over the world.

Derga Zoo: It is one of the largest zoos in Turkey, and includes many types of predatory wild animals, birds and rare plants. And if you are a fan of the animal world, you will enjoy exploring the amazing mysteries of that world on a unique tour that takes you away as if you were in the forests of Siberia.

Thermal Bath: It is a group of hot water springs "Suleiman Pasha Springs" located in the Yakari Bazar area. It was built in the fourteenth century and is one of the oldest Ottoman buildings in the region. It is visited by tourists for hot water treatment.

Kocaeli also includes many historical mosques, such as the Orhan Mosque, which was built by Suleiman Pasha in the time of Orhan Ghazi, and the Fawzi Mosque, which was built by Muhammad Bey in the sixteenth century.

We at the FCC Real Estate Investment and Development Group are interested in highlighting everything that matters to the Arab investor in Turkey, and we always strive to clarify the picture in order to obtain the satisfaction of our valued customers and inform them of all the living and economic details in Turkey. This is so that their choice is based on sufficient knowledge and study in order to ensure a successful and safe investment. If you want to enter the Turkish real estate market and are looking for homes for sale in Turkey with the aim of housing or investing and obtaining Turkish citizenship, it is sufficient for you to contact our advisory team to start your first step towards real estate investment.

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