Hagia Sophia, an icon of architectural beauty, a sparkling gem with its stunning construction and exquisite motif.

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is an exciting journey through history

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Hagia Sophia, an icon of architectural beauty, a sparkling gem with its stunning construction and exquisite motif.

Hagia Sophia, an icon of architectural beauty, a sparkling jewel with its amazing construction and exquisite decorations, carries many stories and tales among its rare details, and is one of the most important landmarks of Istanbul. Between a church, a mosque, and a museum, a mixture of spirituality is born, so that the Hagia Sophia remains a standing symbol and a majestic edifice, attracting foreign and Turkish tourists alike and witnessing the effects and exciting stories of the past .

Hagia Sophia was built in the European section of Istanbul at the entrance to the Bosphorus Strait in an area called the "historic Sultanahmet area" near the famous Blue Mosque, the green garden, the fountain, and the hippodrome, and it is also close to the famous Topkapi Palace, which contains traces of the Prophet on it. Prayers and peace and close to the famous Arasta Bazaar full of antiques and gift shops, which is approximately 300 meters from the Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia Church :

 In the beginning, it was a church for more than 900 years, and its construction continued for five years, to be the largest Christian church that testifies to the masterpieces of Byzantine art. The original dome was completely destroyed by an earthquake that struck the country, and it was replaced by another dome, but of a different height, and that modern dome was supported by a series of small domes and arcades and about four huge arches. As for its walls, it was made of marble imported from different countries, and decorated with shiny golden mosaics and precious stones. In addition to containing Christian icons on top of the ceiling, such as the icon of the Virgin Mary .

One of the most important Christian elements that still exists today is the column of sweating, or what is also known as the column of wishing. Some believe in his ability to heal and fulfill wishes. The column is located in the northwestern part of the church, and it is one of the other 107 columns in it. This column is completely covered with bronze, and it is said that it heals the sick due to the grace of St. Gregory .

In the column there is a small hole that can fit the palm of the hand inside it, and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul, and inside that hole is another smaller one to put the thumb finger, and the person who wants to fulfill his wish turns his finger a full turn without lifting it from his place until his wish is fulfilled, and here lies the difficulty of focusing On the wish and at the same time wrap the finger in that way .

The main building is 82 meters long, 73 meters wide and 55 meters high. It includes 9 doors .

Hagia Sophia Mosque :

The cathedral turned into a mosque after its opening by the Ottomans. And that was in the year 1453 AD, so he changed its name to Islambol and entered the church, where he prayed the first Friday after the conquest, and made it a large mosque symbolizing in the opposite direction the power and control of the Ottoman Empire, and it remained a mosque for about 481 years. The walls were decorated - after converting it into a mosque - with inscriptions of Ottoman calligraphers, and four cylindrical minarets were added to it in the Ottoman style, and many Islamic motifs were added, such as the word of God Almighty and the name of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in addition to the mosaic paintings of Byzantine art and some of the tombs of the sultans The Ottomans, on a mihrab, columns, a large and huge dome, and 4 huge minarets for the call to prayer .

Hagia Sophia Museum :

The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, converted the Hagia Sophia Mosque into a museum in 1934 AD. This prevented the call to prayer in Hagia Sophia when it was converted into a museum until 2012, when the call to prayer was raised in Hagia Sophia for the first time after 78 years of preventing it, on the anniversary of the day of the conquest of Istanbul. .

After a historical excursion in the interior section of Hagia Sophia, we must touch on the external section, which is no less beautiful than the interior, as it contains the tombs and tombs of the sultans, the primary school, a waterfall and ablution faucets, the room of the timers, minarets, external pillars, the treasury building, the house of the poor, a school Conqueror .

On a long journey during which the Hagia Sophia passed through many historical events, Hagia Sophia will remain one of Turkey's most important tourist destinations that expresses Turkish civilized harmony and tolerance.


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