This area is characterized by its ease and ease of access through all the nearby areas, and the mediat.

Bahcesehir real estate for lovers of high-end and luxurious accommodation

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

This area is characterized by its ease and ease of access through all the nearby areas, and the mediat.

One of the concepts recognized in the world as a whole, not only in Turkey , is that there are regions that are more famous than other regions and are more desirable than others. They are also distinguished from others by details that may be simple, but they are influential factors that work to attract investors to them. We will work through our words to walk In the streets of the Turkish district of Bahçeşehir located in the city of Istanbul, and we will also learn about its most important features and geographical location, how much are the prices in that region and whether they are superior to other regions or similar, in addition to the amount of demand for them by Turkish and foreign investors alike.

What are the main specifications of real estate in Istanbul in Bahcesehir?

First of all, the real estate project in that area is neither large, extended nor small. It is also called the City of Gardens due to the large number of green spaces that occupy its thrones and its various trees. It is also known as the amazing city in relation to its distinguished strategic location in which it is located. For a long time, it was not qualified. To live in it, but recently and from a short period of time it was opened and considered as a residential area that is officially recognized by the Council of Ministers in the country, and it was not satisfied with this limit only, but it was announced that more than one real estate series would be built in the area, and it is, as it is circulated, promising projects in the real estate market Turkish.

Where is Bahçeşehir located in boring detail?

The main general location for it is the Turkish country and the city of Istanbul in particular, and it is located in the middle of it on the European side in particular, and this real estate chain in this region is located near the most huge projects in Turkey . Such as the third Istanbul Airport project , and the Marmara Highway.

How can a person reach Bahcesehir via public transportation in the country?

This region is distinguished by ease and ease of access to it through all the nearby areas, and by means of all means of transportation in the country, you can reach it, also through the railways that pass through it, linking the European side of Istanbul with the city of Edirne, and we must never forget that this abundance The great amount of transportation in it is thanks to its achievement in the first place to the Turkish state, as it has made every effort to facilitate the ways to it and connect it to all service centers in the region, and recently the Ministry of Environment has agreed to establish a new line to reach it and through this decision issued by it, we are seeing dense masses flocking To it for real estate investment and housing in its area.

What are the advantages of Istanbul real estate in Bahcesehir?

Firstly, the properties located in Bahcesehir are very luxurious and equipped with the highest modern technologies in addition to the amenities and security that you will enjoy, and this region contains all the public service facilities you need such as health and social centers, in addition to containing shops and offices of various types, The most important element that distinguishes it is the real estate jump that it is witnessing and the great demand for it by investors from different parts of the world, and as for real estate prices in that region, they are high and a continuous rise that you will witness in the coming days, which may reach fifty percent, perhaps, especially in the part near the lake site, And when you walk on its green patches and enjoy its unique beauty and calmness, this will increase your desire to buy a property in it, and thus its price will automatically increase, as this atmosphere is considered a favorite for many.

- What are the institutions that you can find in the Bahcesehir district in Istanbul, Turkey?

At the beginning of the topic, you can find many social facilities in this region, as we mentioned earlier, and among the most important of these institutions are the cultural and educational ones, with the presence of a large number of schools in them of various primary, middle and secondary types as well, and they also contain theaters and cultural centers, in addition to health units such as clinics and others. Many of the services included in it:

- What is the effect of nature in the Bahcesehir region on the real estate in it?

If you are on the Turkish land of Bahçeşehir, you will find the small plateaus scattered everywhere, the valleys and all the other terrains of nature present in it, as it contains everything related to nature, all these natural ingredients present in it add to the prices of its real estate another price, as it raises its value and raises its her business.

- What is the extent of development in the services provided in the Bahcesehir district of Istanbul?

The services in it are very sophisticated and have been designed by professionals, and the services in it have obtained an international quality certificate in the way they are implemented and presented to the population.

Through that hijacked tour in which we roamed the streets of Bahçeşehir, it became clear to us that it is an area that enters the world's real estate encyclopedia with competition in this field, where the wonderful nature and its beauty that appeals to every creature in this universe, all of this is in addition to the attractive prices that suit most people. In the end, we conclude that the Bahçeşehir region is a suitable area for settling, living in it,   and buying real estate as well


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