(Tabu) “Title Deed”: It is the document that regulates a specific real estate, and proves the ownership of the real estate.

Completion of the Tapu procedures in Turkey

Date:Monday, October 11, 2021

(Tabu) “Title Deed”: It is the document that regulates a specific real estate, and proves the ownership of the real estate.

Completion of the Tapu procedures in Turkey

(Tabu) “Title Deed”: It is the document that is organized in relation to a specific property, and proves the ownership of the property for the person mentioned in the document, and contains information about the property, the real estate survey numbers, and specifies the location of the property, and this document is organized by the Real Estate Registry Directorate of the Ministry of Environment And Turkish cities, known in some countries as the real estate month.

Title deeds in Turkey have several types, namely:

First, the real estate easement document “Kat Irtifaki”:

It is an incomplete title deed, and it is considered the first stage that must be carried out before obtaining the full title deed. The buyer or Arab investor will obtain this deed if the property has not been completed yet (under construction) and has not been formally handed over to the buyer, and But the property must be registered in the records of the Real Estate Department, and its location, the number of each section of it, and the original owner of the property should be mentioned. Here, in the event that the construction of the building is completed and it obtains housing approval from the municipality, the easement deed becomes a complete title deed,
and the easement deed is considered One of the types of title deeds commonly used by Arab investors for real estate in Turkey,
as buying real estate in its early stages of construction guarantees them the maximum possible profit in the property,
because there is a regular increase in selling prices that occurs from the beginning of the first phase of any real estate project in Turkey until the completion Build it.

Secondly, the full title deed “Kat Mulkiyefi”:

They are bonds that register the ownership of real estate after the final completion of its construction and designate the independent sections in it with obtaining approval to use each section separately. Each section is organized a complete title deed of its own proving the ownership of the owner of the bond over the independent section in the aforementioned building.

Third: Transitional Title Deeds (Participation Deed):

It is a type of real estate title deed that proves the buyer's ownership of the property.

And we do not recommend it to the Arab investor, because mostly the transitional title deeds (participation bonds) are for old buildings that were built before 1999.

Most of these buildings were damaged by the 1999 earthquake and are subject to compulsory restoration works imposed on them by the Turkish government to strengthen the foundations and columns, and we do not advise Arab investors to turn to this type of building.

As for the new buildings built after 1999, participation bonds are not used as a purchase system.

In general, the participation document is:

A deed pertaining to real estate owned by more than one person, and each person has a specific share fixed in the deed.

Only one bond can be given showing the share of each joint buyer in the ownership of the property.

It is also possible for each buyer to be given a bond of his own and write in the owner field the name of the owner of the bond, along with mentioning his share of the property.

Which proves the presence of partners in the real estate.

Transfer title deeds are common in vacation properties.

The owner has all the legal rights to sell, rent and assign the part of the building allocated to him.



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