Turkey is that wonderful country that allows you to visit it in all seasons of the year, as it is unique in all seasons.

Learn with us about the most beautiful gardens in Turkey

Date:Saturday, September 18, 2021

Turkey is that wonderful country that allows you to visit it in all seasons of the year, as it is unique in all seasons.

Learn with us about the most beautiful gardens in Turkey,

Turkey , that wonderful country that allows you to visit it in all seasons of the year, as it is distinctive in all seasons of the year. Turkey's location is unique and it is considered the crossroads of continents, as it is a link between Asia and Europe, and Turkey shares its borders with many European countries and with Arab countries as well, so you will find many cultures and nationalities in it, and whatever the purpose of your visit to Turkey, it must be a walk And starting in the gardens is within your plans, so we have dedicated this article to present a group of the most beautiful and most popular and visited gardens in Turkey.

Gulhane Garden 

The garden is located in the city of Istanbul, located behind the famous Topkapi Museum, and extends to the Sirkeci area. In Arabic, it means the Rose House Garden, and many consider it one of the most beautiful gardens in Istanbul. It is one of the oldest gardens in the city, as it was private to the Ottoman sultans before it opened its doors to the public in 1926 AD.
Gülhane Park was opened to visitors in 1926 AD, and the garden was modernized several times, starting from being considered an official garden of Topkapi Palace until it became a public garden that locals and tourists from all over the world come to to breathe the fresh air, relax under the shade of the ripening plane trees, or enjoy sitting in the The cafe with a wonderful view of the Bosphorus. 

Amirgan Park 

One of the most beautiful gardens in Istanbul and the most famous among locals and tourists as a spot to relax away from the noise of the city amidst hundreds of species of plants and flowers of historical origin, or to exercise and enjoy family sessions while children play in the games area or watch the species of birds and animals that are included in the garden, which also organizes a festival Annual tulips bloom during the spring.
It is located in the Emirgan neighborhood of the Sarıyer municipality and is considered an entertainment destination for tourists and citizens. It is perhaps indeed one of the most beautiful gardens in Istanbul, as the vast garden contains more than one hundred and twenty species of rare trees and plants such as Turkish, Aleppo and blue pine.

Yildiz Park 

One of the largest parks in Istanbul that enjoys a charming and picturesque nature that brings comfort and relaxation among 120 different species of herbal plants, aromatic trees and waterfalls descending to a lake in which flocks of fish, geese and ducks swim, in addition to a wonderfully designed Ottoman palace, walking and exercise paths, family sessions and restaurants.
Yildiz Park is located in the Besiktas district and is one of the largest public parks in Istanbul. This garden was part of the Yildiz Palace , and the garden extends down the slopes of the palace. A wall was built for it during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II for the residents of the palace to enjoy.

Puppet Hill

The city of Istanbul is famous for its many hills, and among the most famous of these hills is the Camlica Hill on the Asian side of the city. Bridal Hill due to the constant frequency of newlyweds to the area to take the most beautiful memorial photos.


Park in IstanbulFlorya Parkis a beautiful public park that belongs to the municipality of Florya, Istanbul. What distinguishes this park is the tulips planted on the  outskirts of the corridors within the park. The park contains many facilities, including children's games, a race track, a walkway, a cafe, and a restaurant. The prices in the restaurant and café are very reasonable, because it is also owned by the municipality of Florya Istanbul.

Bebek Park

The park is distinguished by its location on the beach of the famous Floria area. You can have a fun and quiet time in front of the beautiful landscapes and the successive sea waves. In the garden there are groups of seating places, and there are many free fun games for children and free sports equipment as well.

Florya Park in Istanbul includes all the necessary facilities and services, as it contains a mosque and bathrooms. There are also spaces designated for holding events and close to them, as well as a wedding hall for holding weddings. Strong and lovers of adventure and suspense

Moda Park 

The park is located in Kadikoy, which is on the Asian side of Turkey, so you can take a ferry to get there from anywhere in Turkey, and you can also take a walk in Moda, that neighborhood where many people enjoy the air and taste ice cream, if you are there You must see the sea and watch the boats from there, as it is one of the interesting things in Moda. The park is one of the most famous parks in Istanbul.

The Golden Garden in Ankara:

This park is located in the “ ALTINDAG ” area , and it is a park of a special nature, as it includes an Olympic swimming pool, kindergartens, summer schools, music exhibitions, and other areas for entertainment, which makes it a center of attraction for the Turkish population and families of tourists who have children and want to Enjoying, hiking and benefiting from the cultural activities of the park.

“Karlioglu” park in Antalya:

The reputation of Antalya as a wonderful resort due to its beaches spread out on the Mediterranean Sea, and Antalya is also famous for the Carlioglua Park located in the city center and overlooking a unique view of the Gulf of Antalya, and this is the secret of the beauty and splendor of the garden, which is one of the ten most beautiful gardens in Turkey and is easily accessible By public transportation in Antalya.

Koglu Park (Swan Park) in Ankara :

It is a garden of the most famous gardens in Turkey, and the most beautiful garden in Ankara, and as it appears from its name, it is spread with large swans, which are among the symbols of the city of Ankara, in addition to ducks and geese, all of which you will find swimming in the lake in the garden .

Botany Garden 

The park was opened in 1998 AD in the city of Bursa, northwest of Turkey. It covers an area of ​​about 400,000 square meters, with walkways extending 12,000 meters long .

This garden is characterized by the diversity of its plants, as it contains more than 150 species of plants and about 30 types of flowers. It also includes several styles of gardens, such as the English and French gardens .

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