In recent years, Turkey has witnessed widespread economic growth and prosperity, and has managed to occupy Marrakech.

The most important airports in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

In recent years, Turkey has witnessed widespread economic growth and prosperity, and has managed to occupy Marrakech.

In recent years, Turkey has witnessed widespread economic growth and prosperity, and has been able to occupy advanced positions among the economies of the most powerful countries in the world.

In light of the political stability in the country, Turkey has become a center of attraction for foreign investors and Arab businessmen to enter the Turkish market and work in various commercial and industrial fields, in addition to investing in the real estate market in the country, as many Arab investors went towards buying apartments in Turkey and searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul for investment.

 In addition, Turkey is the favorite tourist destination for Arabs and foreigners, as it includes the most beautiful tourist places in the world and is rich in majestic historical monuments and charming natural places.

In this context, we tell you about the most important airports in Turkey, where Turkey includes 102 airports, eight international airports and the other local, here are the most important international airports in Turkey:

Istanbul Third Airport:

Istanbul's third airport is located on the European side of Istanbul. It opened on October 29, 2018 and is the largest airport in the world. The first flights were operated from Istanbul's third airport in April 2019. The airport was built on an area of ​​76.5 million square meters. The investments in the first phase amounted to nearly 6 billion euros. Istanbul Airport is the largest investment in Istanbul, and constitutes a major urban and economic renaissance in Turkey. It is one of the most important investments made in the field of transportation in Turkey.

It should be noted that with the start of flights from Istanbul's third airport, Ataturk International Airport was closed on April 6, 2019, and the last flight was after 86 years of service, with business, government and cargo flights continuing. It is noteworthy that Ataturk Airport will be converted into a public park "People's Park".

Sabiha Airport in Istanbul:


Sabiha International Airport is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, and it was named after Mrs. Sabiha Gökçen, who was the first woman to fly a warplane in Turkey. With the increase in the number of tourists and investors interested in buying real estate in Turkey , and the crowding of Ataturk Airport, the need for a new airport came to be established, and the Asian side of the city was chosen for this airport in order to provide transportation services to all parts of Istanbul and facilitate the transportation of passengers. The construction of Sabiha Airport was completed in 2000. The area of ​​the airport is 20,000 square meters, and it consists of three halls, two for departure and the third for arrival.

Esenboga International Airport in Ankara:

Esenboga International Airport is located in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and is known as Ankara International Airport. The city of Ankara is the political capital of the country and a major commercial and economic center. The airport has been operating since 1955 AD. In 2009, the airport ranked second in terms of the number of international flights at the level of Turkish airports. Awarded the best airport in Europe by the International Council of International Airports in Europe. This is due to its high-quality equipment that meets international standards.

Trabzon International Airport:

The city of Trabzon is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey, and it is located east of the Black Sea and is visited by tourists from everywhere. Trabzon International Airport was opened in 1957 AD, and in 2009 the airport received more than 1,596,905 passengers, and the airport ranked ninth as the busiest international airport among Turkish airports. The airport includes two reception halls and enjoys a unique view of the sea, and it is also close to the city center, as it is only 6 km from the center.

Milas Bodrum International Airport:

The airport is located between the cities of Milas and Bodrum in southwestern Turkey, and it serves the two cities together, as it is 30 km northeast of Bodrum and 16 km from the city of Milas. The airport witnesses a great turnout of travelers arriving to Bodrum, which is one of the best tourist places in Turkey and is visited by locals and foreigners for summer holidays. Milas Bodrum International Airport has terminals that host about 2.5 million passengers annually, and the numbers are at their peak in the summer season.

Antalya International Airport:

Antalya Airport is located in the Turkish city of Antalya, and it is one of the most prominent tourist destinations for Arabs and foreigners arriving in Turkey. Antalya is the second most visited tourist city after Istanbul. Its airport is among the 15 largest airports in Europe in terms of passenger traffic. Where the number of passengers through Antalya Airport in 2015 reached 27 million passengers. The airport includes a number of facilities and services that meet the needs of travelers.

There are many reasons for Arabs visiting Turkey and their destinations differ between tourism and investment, where a group of them go towards real estate investment and search for real estate in Turkey in general and apartments for sale in Istanbul in particular, as it is the ideal choice for successful investment. And between tourism in Turkey and real estate investment, it is necessary to take one road and cross through it towards God's paradise on earth, Turkey.

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