Istanbul is one of the densely populated Turkish states with diverse peoples, in which culture melts.

Istanbul is the most Turkish ...

Date:Friday, February 18, 2022

Istanbul is one of the densely populated Turkish states with diverse peoples, in which culture melts.

Istanbul is the most Turkish states selling real estate to foreigners

Istanbul is one of the Turkish states overcrowded with diverse populations and peoples, in which cultures melt, populations mix, and lifestyles and lifestyles diversify, and it is also in itself a microcosm of the great real estate diversity. This overcrowding made real estate in this area a necessity and a need.
Thus, this fact guarantees you an excellent and continuous investment movement for your real estate that you will buy in the region.
Istanbul is also a destination for merchants and residents to reside and settle, it is the center of life and activity.
It seems that Istanbul real estate in 2022 will continue to spread, as in previous years, despite the spread of the global epidemic, the real estate movement has maintained its increasing activity.

Istanbul is at the fore in real estate sales to foreigners

The number of Turkish states that witnessed the sale of real estate to foreigners during 2021 increased to 70 states.

According to press sources, the total real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey amounted to 58,576 properties.

The number of foreigners who bought real estate in Turkey reached 59,282 people.

Istanbul and Antalya topped the list of states selling real estate to foreigners.

According to a study conducted by the Nevita company for real estate sales to foreigners, foreign investments in the field of real estate spread in 70 Turkish states during 2021.

During the aforementioned year, Istanbul alone witnessed the sale of 26,667 properties, followed by Antalya with 12,598, and then the capital, Ankara, with 3,705 properties.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul enjoys strong economic growth with great investment options in the fields of industry, commerce and real estate. It is one of the biggest selling points and has the best types of real estate investment in Turkey.
It is one of the most visited tourist cities around the world. For many years, Istanbul has attracted the attention of foreign and local investors. The city is a major economic center, thanks to its strategic geographical location on the continents of Europe and Asia, and its large population, which provides a wide range of consumers and labor.
The giant infrastructure projects implemented by the Turkish government in Istanbul, such as Istanbul Third Airport, also contribute. The largest airport in the world, all these and other factors greatly affect the movement of the real estate market in the city.

Real estate investment in Istanbul:

There are many types of real estate investment in Istanbul, the most important of which are:

1- Investment in commercial real estate: Various forms of investment fall under this type, such as commercial offices, shops, industrial establishments and agricultural land development. This type of investment attracts businessmen with large capitals.

2- Investment in residential real estate: It is the most prominent investment that attracts medium-capital investors and is represented in buying and renting apartments in Istanbul and benefiting from the monthly returns, or searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul in new growing areas, then reselling them after several years.

To find out more details about real estate investment in Istanbul and the best types of real estate investment, contact the FCC property team and choose your ideal apartment in one of our investment projects that cover all areas of Istanbul with its Asian and European sides.


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