The Turkish real estate market is considered one of the most active and strongest real estate markets around the world. The touch attracts.

Latest real estate sales news ...

Date:Wednesday, March 9, 2022

 The Turkish real estate market is considered one of the most active and strongest real estate markets around the world. The touch attracts.

Latest real estate sales news in Turkey 2022

The Turkish real estate market is one of the most active and powerful real estate markets around the world. It attracts Arab and foreign investors to buy apartments in Istanbul and other Turkish cities for the purpose of real estate investment or housing.
According to Turkish statistics, in the recent period, Turkey witnessed a great demand from foreign investors to buy real estate throughout Turkey and Istanbul, especially for various motives, including real estate investment, including housing and stability.

More than 416,000 real estate sale transactions in two months

Turkey witnessed the completion of 416,784 real estate sale transactions during the first two months of the current year 2022.

The Anatolia Agency correspondent, quoting sources at the Ministry of Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change, stated that last January witnessed the completion of 199,111 real estate sales, while the number rose to 217,673 transactions during February 2022.

The total transactions during the first two months of this year amounted to 416,784 transactions.

Residential apartments received the largest share of transactions with 176 thousand and 46, followed by land with 72 thousand and 833.

Istanbul topped the list of Turkish states with 55,167 transactions, followed by the capital, Ankara, with 27,559, and Izmir with 23,103 transactions.

Why are real estate sales in Turkey attractive to investors?

Turkish real estate is a destination for all investors because the strong economy throughout the crises and political and economic changes has been resistant and self-preserving, which raises the rate of investor confidence and purchase in general in Turkish real estate.

Turkey is also a global commercial and maritime node , and from here the importance of Turkish real estate emanates .

Not to mention the scenic landscapes in Turkey, which have no equal in any of the countries, where Turkey is famous for its fairy sea view.

The Turkish government's efforts to attract real estate investors..

The Turkish government has given its strong support to the real estate sector, because it is the main engine of the Turkish economy.

This support was embodied through the issuance of real estate laws to attract foreign investors and provide them with facilities.

Among the most important of these laws is the law on granting Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment, and the reduction of fees and real estate taxes for foreigners...

These properties made Turkish real estate sales achieve high records and compete with foreign real estate..

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