Today, the Turkish real estate market has become one of the strongest and best markets around the world in terms .


Date:Friday, October 30, 2020

Today, the Turkish real estate market has become one of the strongest and best markets around the world in terms .

Today, the Turkish real estate market has become one of the strongest and best markets around the world in terms of both the various opportunities and the achievement of profits that cannot be underestimated. Amid various government supports, exemptions, and reductions that investors receive in the field of real estate, which prompted experts and major investors to describing Turkey as a safe investment environment.

In light of these conditions that the world is witnessing due to the Corona virus, and despite the disastrous impact of various investment sectors around the world, the real estate sector in Turkey was the least affected, as the Turkish government allowed investors and those wishing to buy a property in Turkey remotely without coming to Turkey.

Where the General Directorate of Land Registry and Real Estate Survey of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization launched the electronic title deed system in Turkey in March 2020, which achieved great success in facilitating the completion of a large part of the title deed transactions remotely.

The transactions related to the title deed are completed online via the related website.

Among the advantages of buying real estate in Turkey:

-After buying a property in Turkey, you will get a permanent real estate residence in Turkey.

-In Turkey, you will find competitive prices for investment properties.

-Turkish government guarantee of housing projects in Turkey.

-Real estate in Turkey is the best solution in the face of exchange rate fluctuations.

-The Turkish real estate sector is linked to the tourism and employment sector in Turkey

Steps to buying a property online:

  • Get real estate information

The buyer contacts the real estate companies in Turkey to ask about a property for sale in Turkey, and provides them with the details and features he wants, and determines the neighborhoods in which he is looking for a property, the type of property, the required area limits, and the amount allocated to buy the property.

-Virtual Real Estate Tour

The buyer is informed of a set of real estate offers suitable for him, and the virtual tour includes:

- Learn about the residential complex plan, and the apartment plan

Watch a video of the apartment

- View apartment details in direct contact with the company

  • Conclusion of the sales contract

Completing all procedures legally in the Turkish embassy or consulate in the country in which you reside, this stage includes:

Negotiate price, payment method, and delivery date

Signing the sales contract and paying the price or down payment through the bank

  • Title deed registration

The company follows up the transfer of the title deed to him, registers the Tapu in his name, and is obligated to send copies of the contracts and instruments that are signed directly to the buyer.

  • Receive the property

The key to the property will be handed over to you by the company that dealt with it when you arrive in Turkey.

Istanbul ranked first among the states with the most sales transactions through the application, reaching 15,000 apartments between 18 and 31 March, thus controlling half of the properties sold in Turkey.

While most areas in which real estate was sold were; Esenyurt, Umraniye, Kucukcekmece, Kadikoy, while the Turkish capital, Ankara, came in second place, followed by Izmir, then Antalya in fourth, and the fifth place went to Bursa.

The official application issued by the Land Registry and Land Survey Directorate enables the auditors to complete their transactions completely via the Internet, and they only have to review the directorates of the Land Registry to make the final signature on the documents in the Land Registry Department, and it also allows them to obtain the title deed, property registration forms, and mortgage documents through an electronic signature.

In addition to providing the electronic system of the General Directorate of Land Registry with a guide with the aim of introducing users to the detailed steps necessary to complete various transactions, accompanied by many instructional videos that make it easier for the auditors to perform their transactions easily and easily.

It is expected that this system will contribute to saving 100 million Turkish liras from the costs and expenses of the transactions completed in the Land Registry and Land Survey Directorate throughout the Turkish states.




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