Istanbul's complexes are distinguished by their richness in various services and facilities that meet the various needs of a.


Date:Saturday, January 9, 2021

Istanbul's complexes are distinguished by their richness in various services and facilities that meet the various needs of a.

Real estate in Istanbul is distinguished by its diversity and abundance, and accordingly, real estate investment flourishes in Istanbul, so as soon as you enter the world of real estate in Istanbul, you will find yourself in front of a wide cycle of endless real estate options. There are real estate development projects that have increased their pioneers recently and there are houses, apartments, and Lands, hotels, and malls... And finally, the residential complexes, whose existence is considered a response to the realities of life and real estate investment in Istanbul, and a form of urbanization and development, as Istanbul complexes are rich in services and various facilities that meet various routine needs, and achieve the highest levels the living.

What are the service facilities that are available in the Istanbul complexes?

•    Cleanliness

Istanbul residential complexes provide a cleaning service in order to achieve a clean, tidy and healthy environment, which is one of the most important and finest conditions for healthy living, and various cleaning services are provided by a staff of cleaners in each facility of Istanbul complexes.

Security and protection

It achieves security and safety and takes care of the comfort and service of Istanbul's residential complexes, a group of security guards dedicated to achieving the security element of apartments in Istanbul complexes and its residents, for good.

Istanbul complexes are also built mainly, using the best and latest technologies and building materials, including protection and response techniques to earthquakes and various natural disasters.


In Istanbul's complexes, there is a large group of green gardens and various trees that were found to purify the air and to maintain the environmental balance in light of the continuous urban sprawl and the increasing real estate investment in Istanbul.

Sports clubs and various stadiums

Due to the general trend of using technology and modern technical equipment in most areas and sectors of work, the sport has become one of the basics of a healthy life, and this is what the organizational plans have taken into account in Istanbul's residential complexes, where there are sports clubs, golf, football, tennis, etc., and Paths for walking, jogging, etc.

Lounges dedicated to children and their activities

In the midst of these various service facilities in the Istanbul residential complexes, children had their share and their special place, as the Istanbul residential complexes allocate halls for children to practice various activities with the aim of playing, learning, and entertainment. There are clubs and centers for reading, drawing, music, etc.

Parking spaces

In view of the general population growth and overcrowding in most Turkish cities and states, a new problem has arisen, namely the scarcity of parking spaces, and this is what Istanbul's residential complexes have avoided through regulatory plans to allocate and organize parking spaces.

Swimming pools and saunas

Some consider it one of the essential service facilities, and others classify it under the name of entertainment services .. In any case, swimming pools, baths, and saunas are among the important and basic service facilities in Istanbul's residential complexes.

  • Reception halls

Istanbul residential complexes have allocated high-end halls equipped with the best types of furnishings, lighting, and services, to receive visitors in the best way.

Restaurants and cafes

Cafes, restaurants, and cafeterias are classified among the basic service facilities of any public housing complex, as they provide many services to meet the needs of the residents of Istanbul's complexes.

Commercial stores for selling household and daily purposes, with delivery service

These shops abound and vary in their distribution, services and products that they sell, and they are always renewed in line with the development of Istanbul's residential complexes.

Each of Istanbul's residential complexes has its own features, specifications, and service facilities that distinguish it from others according to the organization, administration and the supervising real estate company... All of them are considered integrated and high-end service units.




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