Turkey has become the favorite destination for Arabs to spend their annual vacations with the family and visit the most beautiful.

The most beautiful tourist places in Turkey is the city of Konya

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey has become the favorite destination for Arabs to spend their annual vacations with the family and visit the most beautiful.

The most beautiful tourist places in Turkey is the city of Konya

Turkey has become the favorite destination for Arabs to spend their annual vacations with the family and visit the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey . It is also visited by Arab and foreign investors and businessmen who are interested in the Turkish real estate market and looking for apartments for sale in Turkey , apartments for sale in European Istanbul, and villas for sale in Asian Istanbul.

Turkish cities are distinguished by the great diversity of their tourist attractions, between the beauty of nature and the majestic historical heritage

Each city has its own charm. Today we highlight the city of Konya and accompany you on a tour through the virtual world, through which we learn about the most important tourist places in Turkey Konya .


The city of Konya is located in central southern Turkey in a wide fertile plain in Anatolia. It was known in the past as "Ikonium" and was the capital of the Seljuk Turks in the period between 1081-1334 AD.

The city of Konya contains several historical monuments dating back to the Seljuk era, the most important of which is the monastery and tomb of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi, who is considered one of the prominent founders of Sufism. Modern Konya is a major and important industrial center and one of the largest Turkish cities and occupies a prominent position in grain production in the country.

The city is famous for a number of industries, namely the carpet industry, sugar beet factories, flour mills, and others.

Tourist attractions in Konya:

Tourism in Konya is considered a journey in the memory of history, and here are the most important tourist attractions in the city:

Mevlana Museum:

The Mevlana Museum is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Konya, and its fame comes from its spiritual architectural design with a green dome and Islamic decorations and inscriptions, in addition to the presence of the tomb of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi , who died in 1273 AD. The museum includes tools, equipment, clothes, paintings, collectibles, and religious photographs of a mystical nature. The building is surrounded by a large garden decorated with roses and flowers.

Karate Museum and School:

The museum is one of the oldest features of the ancient city of Konya, and its establishment dates back to the year 1251 AD, when Prince Salah al-Din ordered its establishment as a religious school, one of the rulers of the Seljuk state, and then it was converted into a museum that includes thousands of archaeological holdings that simulate the Islamic civilizations that passed through the city.

Aladdin Hill:

The hill is located in the center of Konya, and it is one of the most important tourist places in Konya. It is a large rock around which a group of natural gardens and tea plantations have formed since the thirteenth century. Restaurants and cafes are spread around the area, which is an attraction for local and foreign tourists.

Konya Archaeological Museum:

The Konya Museum includes many statues, pottery pieces, stone coffins, and handicrafts such as carpets and jewelry dating back to ancient civilizations that lived and settled in Konya.

Selimiye Mosque:

The mosque was built by Sultan Selim II in 1574 AD and is located directly opposite the Mevlana Mosque. It is visited by tourists interested in religious shrines and learning about the history of Islamic civilizations. The mosque is distinguished by its unique design and is decorated with colorful Ottoman motifs and inscriptions.

Butterfly garden in Konya:

It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Konya , and it is the first of its kind in Turkey, and it is the largest nature reserve for butterflies in Europe, extending over an area of ​​380,000 square meters, and includes many events and activities. When you visit the reserve, you will get to know wonderful and rare types of butterflies with bright colors. The reserve contains other types of tropical insects such as mantises, dragonflies, golden deer beetles and various types of bees.

Beysehir Lake:

Beyşehir Lake is the second largest lake in Turkey , and in addition to the lake lies the Taurus mountain range, and its height above sea level is 1121 m. It is characterized by the presence of 33 islands in its middle, and it is rich in natural plants and aquatic animals such as ducks, swans, etc., and you can camp near the lake and spend interesting times In the arms of nature.

Seljuk Tower:

The Seljuk Tower is one of the distinctive tourist attractions in Konya and Haditha, as it was established in 2006 AD. It is a towering tower with a height of 163 meters with 42 floors and provides a wonderful panoramic view of the entire city. It includes a restaurant and a café.

If you are planning to visit Turkey on your next vacation, whether for tourism and recreation, or with the aim of real estate investment to obtain Turkish citizenship or residency in Turkey, and you want to buy homes in Turkey and apartments in Istanbul, we recommend that you visit the Turkish city of Konya

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