In the last ten years, the Turkish city of Istanbul has achieved wide economic successes. And it was.

The most important construction companies in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

In the last ten years, the Turkish city of Istanbul has achieved wide economic successes. And it was.

The most important construction companies in Turkey:

In the last ten years, the Turkish city of Istanbul has achieved wide economic successes. The tourism sector had an important role in achieving qualitative shifts on the economic level, as it includes the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and the world.

Trade and industry also flourished in it, and the real estate market in Istanbul witnessed great activity and due to the desire of foreign investors to buy homes in Turkey and focused their attention on searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul, and to meet the needs of the internal market, construction companies intensified their work and established more major housing projects. Recording the number of projects under construction in Istanbul, about 2000 projects in the European and Asian parts of it.

Turkish construction companies:

Construction companies gain their importance and fame through their work and the projects they offer, in addition to several factors that make corporate projects the focus of attention for investors wishing to own real estate in Istanbul, the most important of which are:

1- The construction company's commitment to the designs that were approved for the construction of the project, and the model of apartments that are offered to investors who wish to buy in the project while it is under construction.

2- The use of high-quality materials in construction works in accordance with the conditions imposed by the state, because the quality of materials makes the building more durable and resistant.

3- Compliance with the time set for project delivery, and it should be noted that the Turkish government allows construction companies a delay period of three months for each year, as a result of weather factors that may make work difficult and lead to delay.

4- Creativity in design and uniqueness, where construction companies compete by providing unique modern designs with wonderful building models that enchant the beholder.

5- The quality of the cladding and the final finishes. The higher the quality of the project’s finishes, the more the investor will like it and it is more likely to buy in the project itself.

Governmental and private construction companies compete in building more distinctive and attractive projects in terms of architectural designs, construction site, and services within the complex. In this context, we must highlight the most important construction companies in Turkey.

The most important construction companies in Turkey:

Emlak Count Company:

It is one of the largest real estate developers in Turkey , and it belongs to the Turkish Urban Development Administration and is the helping hand of the state. Emlak Count was established in 2002. The company is trying to take action steps depending on the consumer’s need, and seeks progress and development through the purchase of lands in vital and promising areas and their reconstruction . The company's capital is about 3.8 billion Turkish liras. Between 2003-2017, the company established nearly 130,000 housing units distributed over 132 projects, and this number is huge compared to other companies.

Agaoglu Company:

Agaoglu Company entered the world of construction in 1981 and continued to operate until it became a group of companies working in the field of construction, energy, tourism and industry. Construction work is the core business of Agaoglu Group of Companies. Which has built more than 30,000 apartments during its career in the field of reconstruction.

Mar Yapi Company:

 The star of Mar Yabi Company shone in Istanbul, and it has achieved great successes in the past five years, as it relied on the modern architectural style of construction. The company builds projects equipped with integrated service and entertainment facilities to increase the standards of quality and luxury.

Toki company:

It is a government company for the construction of housing projects. The company presents its projects that work on a long-term strategy aimed at providing housing for people with medium and limited incomes, through an integrated partnership with the private sector. The possibility of installments for long years between 10-15 years.

Toki also chooses important strategic locations for the construction of its projects, and the project is built according to the best conditions with high-quality cladding and finishes.

If you want to enter the world of investment in the real estate market in Turkey and want to buy apartments in Istanbul , we at FCC Real Estate Investment and Development Group offer you the most important residential and investment projects, both private and governmental. It is sufficient for you to contact our team to answer all your questions, inform you about the details of our projects in Istanbul, and offer you the best real estate opportunities that suit your purchase goal.

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