The volume of investment in Turkey by the Arab Gulf countries is so great that it has reached numbers of 0

The volume of Gulf investments in Turkish real estate

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The volume of investment in Turkey by the Arab Gulf countries is so great that it has reached numbers of 0

It is popular and common to mention it and talk about it a lot recently in Turkey in particular is the huge and huge volume of investments in it, as it did not specify a specific country that can invest on its land. The field is open to all countries and different nationalities, so there is no bias or discrimination . We will find that the Arab countries are an investment in it, so we will find that they are the Gulf countries without a dispute, just as Turkey is pleased with the Gulf presence in it because of the mutual benefits that the Gulf investors and investors exchange. And also successful.

How much is the volume of Gulf investments in Turkey ?

The volume of investment in Turkey by the Arab Gulf countries is so many that it has reached imaginary numbers, but the real reason that made it reach this number is the many factors that the Turkish state enjoys in the first place. For example, in the past, real estate ownership in Turkey for foreigners was difficult or impossible. But a few years ago, the Turkish government issued many laws that simplified and facilitated the foreigner's real estate ownership in it, even making real estate ownership on its land not associated with the condition of housing or stability. The investor can acquire what he wants from Turkish real estate and leave wherever he wants, even if we make a census about the amount that he wants. It is controlled by the Gulf countries from the total volume of foreign investments, so we will find that they seize nearly thirty percent of the total volume invested by foreigners in Turkey.

Bahraini and Kuwaiti investment in Turkey:

Kuwaiti and Bahraini investments in Turkey are among the few investments in it. Studies conducted on this matter show that Kuwait has invested only two billion US dollars in Turkish investment recently, and this is very little if we compare it to other Gulf countries. As for Bahrain, it has not put Only three hundred million dollars in its investments in Turkey, but this figure, although small, constitutes a development, as it is considered very high if we compare it to previous years.

What are the types of investments favored by the Gulf countries in Turkey?

The investment types in Turkey are many and very diverse. First, the Gulf investor can acquire real estate in Turkey , as it is very suitable, its prices are reasonable, and its quality is of high quality. We must also point out that real estate in Turkey of all kinds has recently witnessed a clear decline in real estate prices , and this is an encouraging incentive to come. And investing in it, in general, the investor in Turkey is free and has absolute powers to choose the Turkish property   he wants, as there are no restrictions imposed on him in one way or another.

Why did the Gulf investors choose the Turkish state specifically?

At the beginning, they will get many and distinguished services from the company through which they bought real estate in Turkey . For example, they will have insurance against earthquakes and natural disasters, and it will pay for them all their annual duties to the municipality, and this company will work to ensure that all services are available in Their property includes water, electricity, gas connections, and other things, in addition to that it will be responsible for periodic maintenance work and conducting regular checks of the property in Turkey   so that it does not suffer serious damage in the event that a problem occurs and you did not notice it.

In addition to all of the aforementioned and previously mentioned services that they will receive, besides it, the Turkish state is a Muslim country in the first place, and this Islamic character makes it a suitable environment for the Gulf people, as it is similar to their customs, traditions and customs as well, and Turkey was their choice after the real estate market collapsed in many countries. From the Arab countries, and at the same moment when the real estate of the Arab countries collapsed, the real estate market in Turkey was in a resounding rise, which made Turkey a destination for Gulf investors in particular. In general, it is a suitable place for spending holidays and summer vacations.

What are the advantages of investing in Turkey that Gulf investors get? 

First, whoever invests in real estate in Turkey is definitely a winner because he will find a scientifically and technically qualified workforce to work for the investor, and through them his project will succeed and prosper, as they were a means for the success of the business.

The infrastructure is also technically advanced, helping to transfer energy and communications, and railway lines also link Turkey with the East and between Europe. Thanks to this quality of construction equipment, Turkey has been linked to the countries of the whole world, and we must mention that the Gulf investments in Turkey were not affected by any political problems. It occurs in any of the countries, whether in Turkey or any of the Gulf countries. For example, the relations between Turkey and Qatar are very strong despite all the odds. It is a successful and continuous relationship. Also, the relationship between Turkey and the Saudi state is at the height of its prosperity, and this strength in relations is particularly evident in the economic field.

Finally, we can say that the Gulf real estate investments in Turkey are very prosperous, and as some believe, their fire will never fade, as they are stable, and the benefit between the Gulf countries and Turkey includes the same goals, and therefore there is no way for it to end.


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