Istanbul is the first city in terms of area, as it is the largest city in Turkey, c.

The Turkish capital, Ankara, is the second largest city after Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Istanbul is the first city in terms of area, as it is the largest city in Turkey, c.

Turkey is generally considered a country with a wide and extended area as well, and the cities that it includes are many, many and different as well. It is the Turkish capital as well, although it is not the largest area and for this reason or for many other reasons there are some people who believe that Istanbul is the Turkish capital instead of Ankara, perhaps because of its larger area or perhaps because of its wide popularity among people, in our next article we will talk about glimpses of the city Turkish Ankara, highlighting its most important aspects and importance as a whole that it adds to the Turkish state.

What are the most important landmarks in which the Turkish city of Ankara is famous:

1 - Ankara Castle : It is known that in all capitals around the world there is in each of them a castle of its own, and the Turkish capital, Ankara, is no exception. No specific date has been set for it, and one of its most prominent tasks is that it is the first line of protection for the city of Ankara, with its strong presence and solid standing.

2- The Wonderland Garden in Ankara: When we mention the Turkish gardens, the memory must automatically go to Ankara, where the Wonderland Garden is stationed. Ankara in particular with all its treasures.

3- Lake Kargual in Ankara: Lake Kargual is one of the most important lakes scattered in the city of Ankara as a whole, and we can call it the Black Lake as well, and no matter how you turn, you will find mountains surrounding the lake from all directions, as it is very favored by visitors and tourists because of the many activities they can practice. there.

What distinguishes the capital, Ankara, from other cities:

1- Medical tourism in it: It is known that Ankara is not a tourist place like other cities in Turkey, but it is touristic in some other aspects, such as treatment in it . As for the prices of treatment in these hospitals, we will find that they are very modest and suitable for most of the class groups present in the country.

2- Climate and weather: Also, what distinguishes the city of Ankara from other cities in Turkey is its wonderful and wonderful atmosphere. Warmth more than it tends to be cold.

3- Internal transportation in Ankara : Since Ankara is the Turkish capital, we can also give it the title of the city number one in terms of the quality of transportation and communications in it.

4- Real estate in Ankara : There must be a great demand for real estate in Turkey , being the Turkish capital, and this means that it is the center of the Turkish state, as it embraces all fields of study, health centers, and various fields of work as well .

5- Agriculture in the city of Ankara: The Turkish capital is the wide green area that is a source of pride for Turkey in general and a source of livelihood as well.

- Real estate in the city of Ankara and its specifications:

The real estate and construction in the Turkish city of Ankara is characterized by a very clear Ottoman imprint, painted with its decorations on the buildings from the outside, but from the inside, it is characterized by its character with very high ceilings in addition to the decorations and drawings distributed on those ceilings, and all the roofs are inclined in order not to accumulate rain and snow water on its surface. And all real estate in Turkey is distinguished by its beautiful green view, which is incomparable with its beauty. Buying real estate in Ankara has distinctive stamps and many gains.

Facilities provided to foreigners for real estate ownership in Ankara:

For the overwhelming desire of foreigners to own real estate in Turkey and to meet their desires, the Turkish government has worked to reduce the many procedures imposed on foreigners, so it has become very simple and easy and does not take much time. The property will be in your possession in a short time, but it is not without some conditions imposed on them, such as The Turkish state specified an area of ​​only thirty hectares for them, and it should not exceed that, in addition to that he must obtain military and security approval before taking the step of buying the property .

We can wander around all the Turkish provinces and search a lot about the importance of each city separately, but no matter how astonished we are, we will not find more important than Ankara, the Turkish capital, because of its many and varied advantages, whether on the economic level or on the social or cultural level, perhaps, but in general it is It is superior to its counterparts and at all levels in the life that we live in. It is also a desire of many investors around the world.



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