Turkey is one of the world's most famous tourist destinations, as it is one of the favorite places for millions of.

Turkey is the most beautiful bride in the world of international tourism

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is one of the world's most famous tourist destinations, as it is one of the favorite places for millions of.

Turkey is one of the most famous international tourist destinations, as it is one of the favorite places for millions of tourists annually who flock to it throughout the year. Tourism in the European continent may be somewhat expensive, but tourism in Turkey is the best and most economical tourist destination in the European continent.
Turkey is distinguished by its mild, pleasant weather and its picturesque natural landscapes, in addition to hotels, monuments, palaces, and museums that combine the art of the East and the West. Arabic cuisine, and it is a suitable tourist destination for trips of individuals, couples and families. Whatever the reasons for the holiday, Turkey is always a right choice.
We will start the fairy tale of Turkish tourism from its mythical capital, Istanbul, which most tend to deal with specifically, without paying attention to the vast Turkish land, which is full of natural and tourist aesthetics no less than Istanbul .
This city, which is the link between Asia and Europe, is known as the city of minarets, and Napoleon Bonaparte once said that if the world was destined to choose a capital, it would be Istanbul. This city has invaluable tourist treasures, which made it on the list of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey . A large number of travelers, and the beauty of Istanbul is reflected in the building of the Hagia Sophia , which ranged from a church to a mosque to a museum, to reduce the dazzling Christian drawings and paintings with the prestige of Islamic minarets and a bouquet of art that deserves to be a museum visited by far and near, to become one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the East.
The magic of Istanbul lies in the Bosphorus Strait, and the pleasure of sailing in it, which represents the dividing point between the European continent and the Asian continent, and its length is 32 km. And let's not forget the Topkapi Palace overlooking the Golden Horn and the Sea of ​​Marmara, which was the center of the rule of the Ottoman sultans for hundreds of years. And the Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmed Mosque , which is a challenge to the factors of time, that masterpiece that was decorated with ornate blue Iznik tiles, which also bears traces of Byzantine architecture in addition to Ottoman Islamic architecture.
And from the legacy of Istanbul to AntalyaWhich comes after Paris and London, as one of the most beloved destinations visited by millions annually, and the recreational activities and hotels vary in Antalya, where the enjoyment of nature in the open air as well as closed markets and museums, and the old city in Antalya is characterized by the splendor of history, Roman ruins and ancient mosques with a wonderful view of the marina and the sea , most notably the majestic Hadrian Gate, in addition to dozens of shops selling handicrafts and cafes with balconies overlooking the harbor.
And from the charming beaches of Antalya to an exciting fantasy trip on a balloon over the Cappadocia Valley in Goreme.
It is also possible to camp and spend nights in the wondrous valleys, and the tour includes exploring the Valley of Love, the Valley of Pigeons, the Valley of Roses, and the chimneys of the goblins, which the locals believe are the dwellings of the jinn and goblins.
From the wondrous valleys to the earthly paradise of Trabzon, which is located on the Black Sea, a painting of great magnificence and mastery, including charming landscapes.
It is also one of the popular destinations for Arab tourists due to its calmness and distance from the crowds and bustle, in addition to the elegant Trabzon hotels suitable for all budgets.
What also attracts tourists most in this city is the high Boztepe, which overlooks the coast of Trabzon , drawing an impressive natural painting. And Lake “Uzungol”, whose visitor can only stare at his eyes in astonishment and amazement at the magnificence of what he sees.
And do not forget the most beautiful port in Turkey in the city of Marmaris, surrounded by pine forests and evergreen trees on the quiet coastWhich is colored by turquoise waters, and the port or marina is the most beautiful part of the city, where luxury yachts dock along its coast, and it includes dozens of restaurants, elegant cafes, luxury hotels, playgrounds and gardens for children, and it is possible to ride in moored boats that transport travelers to the other beaches of Marmaris, and the “Dalyan” river is the most famous Natural attractions in Marmaris.
And 162 km from the city of Marmaris, the pearl of tourism in Turkey , the city of Bodrum in southwestern Turkey, which is distinguished by the charm of its quiet houses overlooking the picturesque turquoise sea
. The “St. Entry 25 euros. You can take a tour of the inner museum and the castle walls overlooking the sea, as for the Bodrum MuseumUnderwater antiquities, it is one of the most famous and beautiful museums in the world specialized in displaying marine artifacts and shipwrecks, while Bitez Beach is the most famous beach in the city, and it is characterized by colorful sofas and cushions instead of chairs for more relaxation and comfort, and it is surrounded by many Bodrum hotels, along with restaurants and cafes with a refreshing view.
Ankara, Bursa, Izmir and many other Turkish cities are also tourist destinations, including its diverse and exotic nature and archaeological monuments. Thus, Turkey was able to significantly put its mark on the world tourism map, as Turkey ranked sixth in the world in the list of the most important tourist countries .


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