Learn about the methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship, the importance of obtaining it, and the most important features that.

Turkish citizenship and the importance of obtaining it

Date:Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Learn about the methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship, the importance of obtaining it, and the most important features that.

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What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

It is difficult to limit the advantages or positives that can be obtained through Turkish citizenship to a few lines, but through the following points we will be keen to mention the most important of them:
1 - The right to live and work in Turkey without restrictions
2 - The right to vote in Turkish elections
3 - The right to own real estate in Turkey and without the condition of waiting for the issuance of security approval.
4- Turkish citizens also enjoy visa-free travel to a number of countries, including the United States.
5- Applying for citizenship of other countries more easily than citizens of many other countries.
6 - Free health care and education are among the most important public and private educational institutions in Turkey.
7- The possibility of retaining the first nationality that you possess, i.e. the nationality of the country to which you belong, and then benefiting from the advantages offered by both.
8 – It can be granted to all members of the family, i.e. to children under the legal age and to the wife, but in the event that the foreigner is married to more than one woman, he can only grant it to one and after obtaining the permission of the other, and for children they can obtain it over the age of eighteen in one case, which is if one of them People with special needs, but after at least three years have passed.
9- Its bearer can benefit from the retirement program for the elderly over the age of 65.
10- Practicing professions prohibited to foreigners, such as: veterinary medicine, pharmacy and customs clearance.

Is real estate investment the best way to obtain citizenship?

There is no simple answer to this question. Because real estate investment is one way to obtain Turkish citizenship, but it is not necessarily the best way. Other options for applying include investing in a Turkish company, making a significant economic contribution to Turkey, or marrying a Turkish citizen. Ultimately, the best way to obtain Turkish citizenship will depend on your individual circumstances and goals.

Conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship:

Now, these are the most important conditions that must be met by those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship :
1- Obtaining a Turkish residence permit for at least five years.
2 - The ability to speak Turkish fluently.
3 - The absence of a criminal record to ensure the integrity of the security situation in the country.
4- Obtaining a job or a stable income.
5- To be over the age of eighteen, i.e. the legal age.
6- He must have good morals and a good reputation.

 Reasons for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Through the following points, you will be able to see the most encouraging reasons for a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship over other nationalities:
1 - The strong economy of the state.
2 - Its strategic location between three continents and its extension on two continents at the same time.
3- Its rich culture and history.
4 - Its friendly people, with whom it is easy to merge and make many friendships in a short period.
5- Access to public services and social welfare benefits.
6- The facilities provided by the Turkish government in exchange for the many difficulties and obstacles set by European countries.

The most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

After all that information that we provided you about Turkish citizenship, it is necessary to refer to the most important ways to apply for it, and certainly many of those interested in this topic have a comprehensive idea about it: dollar. And you should know that the process is relatively simple and straightforward, and investors can obtain their Turkish passports in just a few months.
2 - Turkish citizenship can be obtained by investing in Turkey. The minimum amount required for investment is $500,000. The investment must also be made in Turkish lira. You can invest in real estate, government bonds, or corporate stocks.
3 - The Government of Turkey offers citizenship to foreign investors who make a bank deposit of $500,000. But you should know that the money must be deposited in a Turkish bank and cannot be withdrawn for at least three years. After the three-year period has passed, the investor may withdraw the funds and retain his Turkish citizenship.
4 - The wife of a Turkish citizen may apply for Turkish citizenship through marriage, provided that certain conditions are met. These requirements include:
being married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years; have lived in Turkey for at least two years; And the ability to speak Turkish. If these requirements are met, the spouse can apply for Turkish citizenship by submitting an application to the Ministry of Interior.
5 - The Turkish government offers citizenship to individuals of Turkish origin and they can complete the procedures online or in person at the Turkish consulate in the city where the foreigner resides.
6 - A foreign citizen may be eligible to obtain Turkish citizenship through adoption if he meets the required conditions such as that the child is under the legal age and must not pose any threat to national security.
Do you have any other questions about obtaining Turkish citizenship ? Do not hesitate before visiting our website to view the most important information and details related to applying for Turkish citizenship, as well as to obtain the latest developments issued in this regard.



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