Lokum is one of the most delicious sweets in the world as a whole, but there are many variations in the face.

Turkish delight types and benefits

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Lokum is one of the most delicious sweets in the world as a whole, but there are many variations in the face.

Lokum is one of the most delicious sweets in the world as a whole, but there are many differences in its existence from one place to another. It is a popular antique sweet that comes from the distant past. In Turkey specifically, lokum is considered one of the gifts that you can give to someone. It is also eaten with a cup of coffee. If we research about its origin and source, we will find that it comes from the Ottoman cuisine specifically, so it was the legacy that it bequeathed to the Turkish state, and the latter, in turn, made some modifications to it and made some additions to it. In the following article, we will see the most important facts about Turkish lokum, its types and what benefits it possesses

What are the types of Turkish delight?

It is well known and common that Turkish lokum is not only one type, it is multiplying and differs according to the multiplicity and different tastes present on that land. For example, we have hazelnut, coconut, bird, pistachio and cream lokum. There is also pomegranate and fruit flavored lokum, lemon and saffron, and finally chocolate and pomegranate with pistachios and walnuts in addition to each The previous flavors are the plain lokum that is free of colorants and nuts as well. All of these flavors of lokum are available in Turkey, each one separately.

- What are the benefits of Turkish delight and what are the nutrients present in it?

The benefits and benefits provided by lokum are numerous and endless as well. For example, it helps relieve the pain of the tonsils in the throat. It also works as a treatment for skin ulcers and boils. The carbohydrates present in it help in the treatment of kidney diseases. To protect and strengthen teeth for a long life.

As for the nutrients that are found in them, they range from different proportions between oil, protein, and calcium, and they also contain potassium and iron, of course, all of these elements are present in very small proportions, and moreover, they contain fat due to the presence of various nuts in them.

How is Turkish lokum prepared?

At the beginning of the topic, you must prepare the basic materials for this convenience, which are sugar and starch, and then dissolve the sugar in a container containing hot water, and then prepare another container and dissolve the starch and citric acid in it, and the next step is to mix the contents of the two containers with each other and expose them to the fire, and finally you can Pour it into the bowls you want and shape it as you like.

Do Turkish delights have any harm or disadvantage?

Of course, it has damages, so nothing on this earth does not contain disadvantages or is all positive. Turkish delight has harms that affect only some people, such as those who have heart diseases, or those who have high cholesterol in the blood, or have excess fat in the body. In these cases, lokum is considered harmful. They and they should not eat a lot of it, as one piece is sufficient, provided that it is without nuts. Also, since it contains sugars and starch, this leads to excessive obesity in the event that you eat it in excess, so you should eat it in moderation, i.e. not exceeding one piece at a time, in addition to that it raises The rate of gout in the blood, so those who suffer from this problem should not eat it too much and not eat it together with legumes. There are those who recommend drinking a warm drink after eating it, such as tea or natural herbs, in order to reduce the precipitation of sugar in the blood and contribute to burning it.

Where can you find Turkish delight?

Since the idea of ​​​​the existence of this dessert emerged, that is, nearly five hundred years ago, and it is widely available wherever you move in Turkey, you will find it. It is present in most sweet shops . It is true that it is a popular dessert, but you will find it in the most luxurious and modern sweet shops.

What is the importance of lokum in Turkish society?

Lokum has a very important impact on Turkish society, as you will find it present in all sweet dishes and on all occasions, whether it is social in holidays, for example, religious or national, or in all parties, and lokum is offered to everyone without exception, as it is suitable for all social levels, the Turkish state It produces large quantities of this lokum that makes it self-sufficient and exports quantities of it to other countries. For example, the British state imports five hundred and twenty tons from the Turkish state, the price of which is approximately six hundred thousand US dollars, so we conclude that it is of great benefit to Turkish society. This economic benefit is in addition to all its previous benefits. .

Calories in Turkish delight?

The issue of calories differs from one type to another, for example, lokum with cocoa contains approximately one hundred and twenty calories per piece, and if it is made with natural honey, it will be much less than the previous one, and its calories will not exceed twenty calories only, but on average, one cube on average includes Sixty-five calories, and eating them must be within specific controls.

Turkish lokum has not remained confined to Turkey only, but is available in all countries of the world and has become global, but the point of spread was from Turkey with its delicious taste and energy that it gives to the bodies, in addition to the amount of benefits it contains, it can be taken as a treatment if we wish, and Turkish lokum is distinguished specifically from others in abundance Its types, flavors and lack of harm if we compare it to other types of sweets.



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