After the last amendment issued by the Turkish government in 2018 to the naturalization decision, it became .

Turkish Nationality

Date:Monday, October 11, 2021

After the last amendment issued by the Turkish government in 2018 to the naturalization decision, it became .

Turkish Nationality

After the last amendment issued by the Turkish government in the year 2018 to the naturalization decision, it has become possible to obtain Turkish citizenship in an easier way and in several ways, including real estate ownership, investment and bank deposit.

 The idea of ​​obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership is among the best, fastest and most feasible ways. How not?! It combines getting a house in Turkey with the opportunity to live in a sophisticated and civilized country. In addition, the possibility of benefiting from the property through leasing in the event that you do not want to live in it or invest it by reselling it after a period of 3 years with a profitable return.

So it is an opportunity to own, invest and obtain Turkish citizenship with its strong passport at the same time.

Features of the Turkish passport

Quick purchase: the process of obtaining citizenship takes place within a maximum of 2-3 months.
• Family members: The wife and children under the age of 18 are entitled to a Turkish passport.
• Express Residence Permit: The residence permit is granted immediately after your investment.
• US E2 Visa: It provides the opportunity to easily apply for the US E2 visa and live in America.
• Possibility to travel to 148 countries without a visa
• You do not need to submit a statement of financial wealth.
• There is no interview: You do not need a passport interview and no specific Turkish language level is required.
• Possibility to request visas for Schengen and other countries easily.
• Unlimited Passport: The Turkish passport is valid for life after obtaining it.
• Dual citizenship: Turkey allows dual citizenship. Applicants can maintain their current citizenship and can also obtain a Turkish passport.
• Medical Benefits: Free lifelong medical support for the whole family.
• Free Education: Primary and secondary education is free in public schools under the Turkish Constitution.

We provide you with all the services necessary to complete the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship with our legal advisors as the FCC Real Estate Consulting Office. And if you wish, we follow up the whole process on your behalf with our consultants, ensuring that you get your passport in an average of 2-3 months.



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