The real estate market in Turkey is huge and diverse, and due to the differences in culture and language, investors are h.

Why FCC property is the ...

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

The real estate market in Turkey is huge and diverse, and due to the differences in culture and language, investors are h.

Why FCC property is the best?

The real estate market in Turkey is huge and diverse, and due to the differences in culture and language, investors need a real estate advisor who advises them and provides them with the necessary support to choose the best real estate they dream of owning. Therefore, you should refer to a real estate expert or real estate consultant, as he will guide you to the right path and give you advice that will help you make the right decision. Perhaps you will receive, in the next lines we will get to know this consultant and see his duties and his role in the field of real estate.

 The real estate consultant must be familiar with all the details of his work, and he must also have a high ability to analyze the reality and the future regarding Turkey's real estate and apartments and provide those studies to clients in a true and true way, even if they do not serve his interests, he must reassure customers and work for their service only.

Why FCC Property is the best?

1- FCC property will be with the client from the moment he arrives at the airport until receiving the property, We will be responsible for many legal details and so on.
2- FCC property is a partner with many construction companies in Turkey, which guarantees the client that he gets the most important real estate and investment opportunities with the specifications he sets and the price that fits his budget.
3- We provide premium, integrated, first-class real estate services throughout Turkey
4- We help our clients find the right property for their aspirations, budget and manage their properties and investments with the aim of achieving high returns
5- FCC property has an insight through which it provides the client with a lot of information about the property that he purchased while clarifying the future of the area in which it is located, and it is keen to present to him the negative aspects before the positive in all honesty and transparency
6- Reliability and seriousness in working in FCC property through our constant focus on documenting all steps of buying and selling legally with contracts recognized by the Turkish state to ensure the right of the customer.
7- We offer a wide range of real estate options such as hotel apartments, office apartments, villas, and land at special prices, especially for FCC property Company only.

What services does FCC property provide?

Real estate consultancy

We at FCC property keep in constant contact with our clients to provide them with all real estate developments in Istanbul and all investment cities in addition to the new laws issued by the Turkish government.
Contact our advisory team to start your first step towards owning real estate and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Real estate appraisal

FCC property
 guides its valued clients in the stages of buying a property, including the service of obtaining a real estate evaluation report, in addition to follow-up and legal scrutiny in everything related to the purchase process.

Completing the title deed procedures in Turkey

 FCC property 
Company provides full services and consultancy in this regard, and among its obligations to its clients is that, with the presence of an excellent cadre of real estate experts, it assists the buyer until obtaining his title deed "Tabu", and informing him with full honesty and transparency of the details and procedures for extracting the title deed in Turkey step by step, Until receiving the house keys.

- Real estate tours and reception

 FCC property 
attaches great importance to receiving clients, taking care of their comfort and providing the appropriate and required atmosphere when traveling to invest or own real estate internationally.
Property management and real estate marketing
When requesting a real estate property management service in Turkey, FCC property will provide distinguished packages of services, including design, decoration, leasing, and all after-sales services.

Turkish Citizenship

We provide you with all the necessary services to complete the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship with our legal advisors at FCC property Consulting. And if you wish, we follow up the whole process on your behalf with our consultants, ensuring that you get your passport in an average of 2-3 months.

To learn more about our services, you can click here

 FCC property Company provides its clients with pre-sales and after-sales services that ensure the client's comfort and safety during his trip to buy the right property, so we accompany him from the airport until after receiving the property!
All you have to do is contact the FCC team to obtain real estate advice, so that you can start your first step towards the real estate investment world in Turkey.


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