Historical Project in Zeytinburnu

FATİH / İSTANBULUnder Construction




The project is located on the coastal strip and within the Fatih municipality, with a government guarantee from the two giants of government construction companies, EMLAK KONUT and

TOKİ, on the coast of the Marmara Sea, within the wall of the old and famous Istanbul Citadel, within the old Fatih municipality.

Imagine yourself living in a historic house in the old Ottoman style within the wall of the famous Istanbul Castle in an archaeological area that has long been a source of inspiration for many lovers of the charming city on the Marmara Sea. During the recent period, this area was considered a historical archaeological area dating back to the Ottoman era.

In 1871, these workshops were opened to be a railway factory for the manufacture and maintenance of railways and carriages of trains running on these railways, but after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the modern Turkish state, work in these workshops stopped and became deserted, and during the past years, It was part of the government's plan to revive the Ottoman historical areas.

The project overlooks the coastal highway that connects the Asian and European parts of Istanbul through the Eurasia Tunnel that passes from the bottom of the Bosphorus Strait, as well as behind the project the Marmaray Line also passes, which connects Asian and European Istanbul.



    Flat typeM 2 Range$ Price Range
    1 + 1115 - 2101,724,000 - 2,595,000
    3+1242 - 2881,988,000 - 3,936,000
    4+1273 - 2942,083,000 - 2,340,000
    3.5+1241 - 2412,314,000 - 2,314,000
    2 + 1171 - 2812,377,000 - 3,433,000

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