And you, as a real estate investor or interested in buying a property in Turkey, are interested in knowing the details and features of housing.

Buying a residential complex in Istanbul

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

And you, as a real estate investor or interested in buying a property in Turkey, are interested in knowing the details and features of housing.

Turkey is one of the countries whose star has shined in recent years in the field of real estate and real estate investment , as the attention of Arab and foreign investors and businessmen has turned to it, due to the remarkable growth of residential and investment projects, in addition to the incentives and facilities provided by the Turkish government to investors, as it gives them the right to obtain real estate residence. And Turkish citizenship according to specific conditions.

And you, as a real estate investor or interested in buying a property in Turkey , are interested in knowing the details and advantages of housing and residence in the Istanbul complexes , as well as the features of the new Istanbul complexes and what attracts buyers and investors in them, in addition to the smallest details that accompany the residents of the complexes in Istanbul .


Advantages of residential complexes in Istanbul:

Protection and security

The level of security in the residential complexes is very high, as there are surveillance cameras, alarms, and a security guard room at the doors of the residential complex in Istanbul   . The visitor cannot enter without the guard taking his name and knowing which apartment he will go to, and he will make sure of the owner of the house he will go to.

Entertainment and service services

What increases the importance and attractiveness of the complexes in Istanbul are the services that surround the towers and residential buildings, those facilities that provide an “additional” kind of luxury, comfort and pleasure, as the residential complexes contain swimming pools and green spaces, in addition to football, basketball and tennis courts. This gives the residents of these apartments more luxury and enjoyment in spending special times without the need to leave the residential complex.

Apartments in residential complexes with stunning exterior and interior design:

Turkish construction companies are recognized globally as one of the best companies interested in designing houses and residential complexes, especially residential complexes in vital areas such as Istanbul, where everyone notes the level of engineering interest in designing the external and internal structures of buildings and apartments within Istanbul complexes, and construction and real estate companies in Turkey are racing and competing To show its residential complexes in the best possible way, which increases its aesthetics.

Featured sites:

The method of choosing the appropriate location for the construction of a residential complex in Istanbul is not absurd, because most of the companies that supervise the construction of residential complexes in Istanbul are keen to build it in a vital or tourist location near major shopping centers and the latest commercial complexes, and are often surrounded by a fast transportation network, Or modern transportation lines, and even the best residential complexes in Istanbul are those that are located in the urban transformation areas, near the new Istanbul airport or on the “Basin Express” road or near the new Istanbul Canal, because real estate in these areas is highly suitable for residential investment. And it has a very big opportunity to increase real estate prices in a way that exceeds the normal rates of increasing real estate prices in Istanbul , which makes it an ideal choice for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Safe social structure and excellent investment target:

Residential complexes consist of a group of residential buildings, surrounded by a wall and a security system supported by technologies and security men dedicated to protecting the complex and its residents. The complex has one administration that supervises and manages it, and the complex often contains a group of common service facilities. So, residential complexes are a new model of housing. Modern and developed, it relies on a specific service and social structure, and under this structure includes elements of security, tranquility and stability through the services provided to all residents, and many workers in the field of real estate believe that the best areas for real estate investment in Istanbul are residential complexes, and to which a large proportion of investments are directed real estate at the present time.

Accessible transportation:

The transportation network within the city of Istanbul is vital, complex and developed, but the expansion of the city makes transportation confusing at times, and therefore it is customary in many of these complexes to provide means of transportation linking the residential complex to the main points of public transportation, which saves time and effort for residents Those who use public transportation for their travels.



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