There are many reasons that drive investors to choose the option of owning property in Turkey and buying real estate

Buying apartments for sale in Istanbul in installments

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

There are many reasons that drive investors to choose the option of owning property in Turkey and buying real estate

There are many reasons for investors to prefer the option of owning property in Turkey and buying real estate in Turkey over other options offered, as Turkey occupies a strategic location on the world map that made it a destination for both investors and tourists alike.

Buying apartments in Istanbul for the purpose of real estate investment:

In Istanbul, there are many opportunities in terms of real estate investment   in terms of low and appropriate real estate prices , where you can find the right option for you from apartments for sale in Istanbul in the best area to buy apartments, if you prefer coastal, rural, or even in the center The city, there are various options for real estate investment , and buying apartments in Istanbul in the most prestigious neighborhoods such as: Sariyer, Kagithane, Sisli, and Basin Express.

 When searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul in installments  , do not focus only on the famous areas of the city, but it is highly recommended to go to investment areas or areas that witness continuous growth and promising opportunities such as: Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Bahcesehir, and Buyukcekmece. This is for example.. It is necessary to determine the desired side of the city in the Asian section or the European section, and each section has its advantages, but in general it is advised to buy apartments in Istanbul on the European side due to its vitality and diversity of opportunities.

Advantages of buying a property in Istanbul:

We summarize for you what distinguishes Istanbul most from others in the field of real estate purchase and real estate investment :

* The distinguished strategic location of Istanbul and its link between two continents.

* The climate is moderate in most seasons of the year.

* A comprehensive and accessible transportation network that connects you to all aspects of the city.

* The Turkish government's investment in real estate projects, greatly supporting them, and facilitating them for foreigners.

* There are statistics indicating that Istanbul needs two million new homes due to the great expansion of the city.

* Istanbul, as a city, contains many tourist and historical attractions that distinguish it from any city in the world.

* Expecting the arrival of thousands of investors, especially after the planned huge development projects.

*Turkey enjoys wonderful investment advantages, but the prices of apartments in Istanbul   offered for sale are still below their true value, which makes experts and specialists expect them to increase.

Also, with the expansion of the city of Istanbul, high-end residential areas have been developed in which markets and commercial complexes abound, and are distinguished by their proximity to the vital city center. Smart homes have also appeared in Istanbul, which are racing with our present time, with very advanced technical capabilities that shorten the time and carry out the vital tasks for their owners according to the latest systems. Artificial intelligence.

Tips for those looking to buy apartments in Istanbul:

The investor's consideration of the following points makes owning property in Turkey and buying real estate and apartments in Turkey   a safer investment process:

Verify who is responsible for selling the property in terms of owning the right to carry out the sale.

Ensure that there is no other owner or buyer of the property.

Verifying that the property is free of rights resulting from the mortgage, rent, or any other rights.

Visiting the site of the property, and making sure of its validity and suitability for use in housing, work, or the specific purpose of purchasing it.

Obtaining a copy of the property ownership contract to make sure that its previous owner did not transfer any form of ownership, and to make sure that there are no rights attached to it.

Ensure that the area, specifications, and information contained in the property contract correspond to the actual shape of the property.

Options for buying real estate for sale in Istanbul:

- Buying a property in Turkey in a project under construction in a vital, distinctive and strategic area, and then selling it after the completion of the project at a higher price that will make you start the real estate investment process in Turkey with ease, and what concerns investors most now is searching for apartments for sale in Turkey that are under construction.

- You can buy an apartment in a project that is under finishing, then finish it completely and rent it out, guaranteeing you a fixed monthly return.

- You can buy an   old and dilapidated property in Turkey, renovate it, develop it, improve it, and work to sell it, which increases its price exponentially and obtain profits with ease.

If you want to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul in installments, you should know the ways to buy real estate in Turkey in installments and what are the most important tips for the success of the real estate purchase process.

Foreigners in Turkey have the right to buy real estate in installments, and there are no restrictions preventing the purchase of real estate in Turkey in installments, and there is no limit to the amount, so you can buy the cheapest apartments in Turkey in installments, there are two ways to buy real estate in Turkey in installments, either buying a property in Turkey directly from a company Construction, by writing a sales contract between the construction company and the property buyer in Turkey, or buying a property in Turkey through a bank loan.

One of the most important tips is to buy a property in Turkey in installments

* Upon agreement with the seller, the construction company, or the bank, the monthly installments for the property in Turkey must be appropriate to your monthly income in order to be able to pay it 

* The larger the down payment to buy the property, the better privileges you will get in terms of the monthly installments or the total property price

* Look carefully for offers to buy real estate in installments from several companies, and it is preferable to choose real estate whose installments extend for a long period, and the reason is that the down payment is relatively low.

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