Today, the issue of buying or owning Turkish real estate has become a desire and obsession for seniors.

Cheap apartments in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Today, the issue of buying or owning Turkish real estate has become a desire and obsession for seniors.

Today , the issue of buying or owning Turkish real estate has become a desire and obsession for major real estate investors, because Turkish real estate enjoys many advantages and natural and human ingredients. 
Turkish real estate generally varies between shops, lands, hotels, apartments , hotels, and ... 

What are the characteristics of Turkey apartments?
Turkish apartments in particular , apart from other types of real estate , constitute a great demand and desire by most groups of people for housing , or by tourists and investors . Turkish apartments
are characterized by their distinctive views , especially the sea ones , and the presence of the active tourist movement in Turkey , in addition to government support for the real estate sector , which guarantees an active and continuous investment movement , and these investments have achieved wealth for many large investors over time .

What are the factors that determine the prices of apartments in TurkeyTurkish real estate prices,
including apartments, are reasonable and relatively cheap when compared to their counterparts in other countries and countries, and the prices of apartments are determined according to several factors, including:

The closer the apartment is to the center of one of the Turkish cities or states, the price per square meter will increase in it, as the apartments located in the city centers are close to the centers of life, transportation and public roads, in contrast to the apartments located in the suburbs and on the outskirts of cities that are distances away. Great for the hustle and bustle of daily life and places of work and study.
The view 
The view of the apartment is a decisive and sure factor in determining its price. Of course, the price of an apartment overlooking the Bosphorus Strait in the heart of Istanbul , where you overlook the sea directly from your balcony, will be more expensive than the price of a similar apartment with full specifications that does not have the same view.
And the higher the apartment in a building or residential complex, the wider its view and the more features it includes, and thus the higher the price.

Quality and quality of construction 
The urban renaissance and real estate development have covered all real estate in Turkey , but despite this, the differentiation between the prices of apartments remains on the basis of the quality and quality of the materials used, technologies, furnishings and ...

The extent of the readiness of the apartment 
There are ready and furnished apartments, and there are apartments ready and fully furnished but unfurnished, and there are apartments under construction or under construction , and of course each stage has its price, as the more the apartment goes a certain way in the way of its completion, the higher its price.

Additional services 
There are several services provided by real estate companies for the apartments located in the building or residential complex that are supervised by the concerned company, such as security and safety services (guarding), cleaning, paying water and electricity bills and various annual subscriptions .....

Whatever the location of the apartment in Turkey or its specifications, we find that each apartment has a certain privacy that it acquires from the small area on which this apartment (neighborhood) sits, as the apartment acquires from this point many characteristics that determine its purpose, whether it is commercial, tourist or residential , family...
Is there an agreed price per square meter in Turkey?
The prices of Turkish apartments vary from day to day, and from one apartment to another, and there is no fixed price per square meter in it.
But in general, the solid Turkish economy guarantees the relative stability of real estate market prices, and the strong government support for the real estate sector guarantees prices that are not cheap, but appropriate, and are considered cheap when compared to the prices of similar apartments in European countries, for example.

Turkish apartments and their competitive prices occupy the list of the most desirable apartments in the world , as buying an apartment in Turkey for housing or investment is a distinct and promising step with many benefits and profits .


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