Whoever buys real estate for the purpose of investment, not housing, will prefer Turkish commercial real estate over housing

Commercial real estate in Turkey

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Whoever buys real estate for the purpose of investment, not housing, will prefer Turkish commercial real estate over housing


In many conversations that took place about investments in Turkey, there was talk about the types of real estate , how to invest it and the factors encouraging that, but no focus was placed on a type of it or a specific type of investment was distinguished from other types. There is certainly something that has more advantages as you will find People flock to him a lot about second investments, so if we search and inspect well, we will find that real estate investment in Turkey has priority over other investments, and if we look closely, we will find that Turkey 's commercial real estate is the desired goal and the demand for it is more than Turkey 's residential real estate, and now in the following article We will show the most important features of Turkey 's commercial real estate and some other details as well.

Why is Turkey's commercial real estate preferred by investors over Turkey's residential real estate ?

In the beginning, whoever buys real estate for the purpose of investment, not housing, will prefer commercial real estate in Turkey more than residential, because if it is offered for rent, this will generate a lot of money for him, and he will also be reassured that his real estate will not be devoid of tenants for a long period, because whoever rents commercial real estate prefers to sign a long-term contract, perhaps. It exceeds five years or more. As for the tenants of Turkey's residential real estate, they often sign a contract for a period of one year, and in this case it is likely that the property will be devoid of tenants and the investor will incur the trouble of the loss, and the owners of commercial real estate in Turkey will be in agreement with the tenants regarding the general expenses of the property, so the owner of the property will not bear Only original Turkey fees to be paid, repairs and many other expenses that you will have to pay in the residential property .

What are the factors that must be available in real estate in Turkey in order to be commercial?

Certainly, there are elements that make the real estate commercial and in order to distinguish it from the rest of the other types of real estate in Turkey . To begin with, the real estate must be located in a distinguished strategic location, and most probably it must be in the city center, where the crowded places are crowded with people and crowded with businesses, and it must also contain the property near From it or in front of it is a garage that has its own in order for cars to park in it, in addition to that it must be in a location close to public transportation in order to be easily accessible, as for the area in which Turkey’s commercial real estate is located, this is due to the type of work that is carried out in it, and it is classified according to this Basically, in order for the real estate to be commercial, it must have security services and frequent cleaning services as well. Finally, when choosing a commercial real estate in Turkey , it is preferable to have an ATM next to it or close to it, in order to facilitate customer service and provide their convenience.

Reasons for the success of working in commercial real estate in Turkey:

It is also said that every hardworking person has a share, and this is the case in business. In order for the business to be successful, you have to choose a distinguished location that guarantees you success. For example, this site must be a destination for tourists who visit Turkey without interruption throughout the year, as this guarantees you unlimited permanent profits. Also, you must have capital that makes you a position of strength, not weakness, so you will always be in control of your business, and one of the reasons for the success of working in Turkey's commercial real estate is its acceptable prices that compete with the prices of commercial European real estate, as it does not cost the investor much money to obtain it, and we must also mention a factor The high quality available in construction and designs taken from international specifications, these are two essential reasons for your business as an investor to be successful. The reasonable price is not exorbitant and high quality in its qualities.

Why is Turkey specifically asking for real estate investment in it, rather than other countries in the world?

It is known that the Turkish state sits on the throne of beauty, its gardens are lush, and its nature is charming, captivating minds with its aroma, and this is what made it a desire for every investor in the world. There is an important factor that attracts investors to it, which is the Turkish government's decisions to work to support them in order to settle on their feet by reducing taxes on them, for example, and it supported them by granting them Turkish citizenship within the conditions it specified, as these are advantages that every individual who invests in real estate dreams of .

-Does Turkey's commercial real estate types? What are the types of commercial real estate investments in Turkey?

The options that a money investor can work with in Turkey are many, many, and endless as well. For example, there are pharmacies and medical clinics. This is a type of commercial investment that cannot be dispensed with at all. There is also an investment field that is considered a pioneer in a country like Turkey, which is restaurants and shops, and it is a profitable field. Very much because food prices are modest and the shops are diverse and many and meet the desires of the citizens as a whole. In addition, there is a project that must be present everywhere, which is educational centers in all its forms, including schools and universities. This type of investment has increased in Turkey recently with the increase in the number of newcomers. on her .

In a quick tour of Turkish real estate, its types and features, it becomes clear to us that there are forms of real estate that are superior to other types, so we conclude that one of the best types of real estate is commercial real estate in particular because of the advantages it possesses over others, in addition to the money it generates, and according to which it can be To obtain Turkish citizenship, which is another dream of investors coming to Turkey.


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