The Turkish real estate market is growing day by day, and the number of foreign investors is increasing to buy

Criteria for choosing a real ...

Date:Monday, November 15, 2021

The Turkish real estate market is growing day by day, and the number of foreign investors is increasing to buy

Criteria for choosing a real estate agent

The Turkish real estate market is growing day by day and the number of foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey is increasing rapidly, so the need for intermediaries who facilitate buying and selling and others increases. It may be affiliated with a full-fledged real estate company

First of all, who is a real estate consultant?
He is a professional person who specializes in providing investment and financial advice to clients who are looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate, through their extensive experience in the market to guide the real estate decision-making process based on a comprehensive study and experience to highlight the pros and cons of real estate, meaning that their job is to make real estate investment a success. to the customer in the most appropriate manner.

What are the criteria for choosing a real estate advisor?
Professional competence: He must have experience in the field of real estate marketing, professional competence and capabilities by submitting a complete study of the real estate, and reaching the client to the point of persuading the purchase of a real estate.
- Transparency at work: The client can adopt the principle of transparency as a basis for choosing a real estate consultant, and investigates the honesty in their words and actions, and this is evident in front of the client from his first meeting with the real estate consultancy office.
- Speed ​​in completing the work, not delaying in resolving issues, or procrastinating in the implementation of the required work, and it is necessary to respond quickly with customers.
Punctuality: The real estate consultant must have accurate dates from the beginning of work, so that he can gain the confidence of the client.

What are the most important functions of a real estate consultant during the buying, selling and renting of real estate in Turkey?

- To assist in choosing the right property in the right place according to the goal and the available budget, in addition to conducting a real estate tour with the client.

- Obtaining the best prices from construction companies and providing the most appropriate payment methods, as he negotiates on behalf of the buyer to obtain the lowest possible price for the property.

- Providing legal and real estate advice to the client.

- Checking the real estate purchase contract.

- When paying, the real estate agent will be the trusted third party that preserves the rights of both parties.

- Meeting with the legal authorities responsible for legal amendments and solving all problems related to the property, if any.

- Translation of the will that was written in the country of the foreign buyer and attested by the notary in Turkey, to ensure that legal problems related to the inheritance are not exposed and limited to the purchased property.

What are the types of real estate agencies in Turkey?

There are two types of real estate agencies in Turkey:

- Individual real estate agents.

- Real estate companies.

How to obtain an official power of attorney with the intention of buying real estate in Turkey?

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows the agent to act on behalf of the power of attorney under the testimony of a notary, so that the agent has the legal authority to sign on behalf of the power of attorney in decisions related to the real estate of the power of attorney, and to grant the power of attorney to anyone over 18 years old in Turkey.

This transaction requires the presence of the original passport with its translation into Turkish as well as the tax number and the submission of two personal photos. Then the notary prepares the official power of attorney and the translator approved by the notary public translates the information written on the power of attorney.

An official power of attorney can be obtained in Turkey if the owner of the power of attorney is abroad and was one of the countries that signed the ratification agreement with Turkey, according to the following:

First, make an appointment, go to the Turkish consulate, and obtain a power of attorney.

- Then send it to the real estate agent in Turkey.

- You can go to the notary office in the foreign country to obtain a power of attorney. Then the power of attorney was taken to a competent authority (region governorate, municipality) for approval. After that, send it to Turkey.

- Then the documents are transferred to the notary office in Turkey for translation and authentication.

Why should an investor turn to a real estate expert?

The investor must return to a real estate advisor before buying the property, first because he is a researcher in this field who can provide you with the property that suits your circumstances, secondly, the real estate advisor has extensive knowledge that extends to all areas and has previously studied it on all social, economic and cultural levels, in addition to He will provide you with legal support and will present the defects of the property before its advantages to you and explain things to you well before you choose, you are his client who will never defraud you, your interest for him is first.

FCC company and its distinguished role in real estate consultancy in Turkey

FCC Real Estate and its real estate consultants provide its valued customers with all the real estate consultancy that customers need when buying real estate in Turkey, and this consultancy includes the information and preliminary expectations that are required by investors in the Turkish real estate sector.
The real estate consultants at FCC Real Estate also introduce investors to the real estate sector in Turkey and the changes in real estate prices caused by the fluctuation of the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the US dollar and they evaluate the goals that investors hope to achieve through their investments and develop an appropriate strategy.

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