Turkey's recent achievement of high levels of economic advancement and comprehensive development.

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Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey's recent achievement of high levels of economic advancement and comprehensive development.

Do you want to settle in Turkey?

Turkey's recent achievement of high levels of economic revival and comprehensive development constituted a real incentive for a significant group to favor Turkey as a country of stability.
Turkey is very famous in the world, and there is a large percentage of various real estate investments from buying a property in Turkey in general or buying a property in Istanbul in particular, where there is a large percentage of foreign investors who aspire to buy a property in Turkey, whether for stability or Even for investment, Turkey has recently witnessed an increasing demand for buying real estate, whether it is apartments in Turkey or villas, and there are many foreigners who want to buy real estate in Turkey due to the many advantages that the Turkish real estate market enjoys that attract the buyer and investor Both.

Purchasing a property will lead you to stability

Among the factors that played a positive role in supporting the real estate market in Turkey is the issuance of many laws stimulating real estate investment in Turkey, including obtaining Turkish citizenship in the event of buying a property worth 250 thousand dollars
In addition, Turkey is experiencing political and social stability and is ideal compared to the surrounding and regional conditions and even compared to the Turkish situation itself several years ago, and we should not forget the great mutual trust between Turkey and Middle Eastern investors.



Tax cuts are also an effective tool in the hands of the economic decision maker to activate the wheel of the local economy, in addition to being a catalyst for attracting foreign investments to buy real estate in Turkey.
The various attractions that call for attention in Turkey, from a wonderful climate, a promising economy, a huge real estate market, and many tourist and historical landmarks that attract tourists from all over the world to it, all of this makes buying a property in Turkey an excellent and profitable option.

Turkish society is also considered one of the closest societies to the conservative Arab environment, and Turkish customs and traditions coincide with some customs in the Arab region, which provides a feeling of reassurance and security when deciding to buy a property in Turkey and reside there.

What reassures the foreign investor about the decision to invest in real estate in Turkey?

- Turkish laws that allow foreign investors to buy real estate of all kinds with great facilities, in addition to the advantages that are granted to them when buying a property, including granting real estate residency when owning the property to the investor and his family, the possibility of inheriting the property after the death of the owner, and granting Turkish citizenship when owning a property worth 250 thousand dollars American or its equivalent in Turkish currency. Condition not to sell it for three years.

- The presence of advanced infrastructure in Turkey, in addition to the development of means and transportation networks, and the use of technology at a high level, which makes it a suitable country for real estate investment.

- The presence of a large local market in Turkey guarantees the ease of obtaining a good investment return for the property on the near and far level.

- The strategic location of Turkey, as it is located as a bridge between the continents of Asia and Europe, which makes real estate in it a good opportunity for investment, in a country that attracts millions of tourists every year.

- The clear economic growth in Turkey makes it a suitable environment for investment boom, and the Turkish economy ranks eighteenth among the world's economies.

- Lower tax costs in Turkey, where the corporate income tax was reduced from 33% to 22%.

- The recent depreciation of the Turkish lira against the US dollar gives foreign buyers the advantage of buying real estate at a lower price.

- Turkey is characterized by large and diverse offers in the fields of real estate, especially as it extends over large areas.

- Real estate in Turkey is characterized by low and very suitable prices compared to real estate prices in European countries and the United States of America.

What are the conditions for real estate investment in Turkey?

The conditions for real estate investment in Turkey are summarized in the following points:

- There are no harsh conditions for investors, only that Turkey does not allow investment in areas close to security and military places, where the investor needs security approval before buying any property to ensure that it does not violate the condition of staying away from military areas.

- There was a law in Turkey that did not allow investment and ownership except for citizens of countries in which Turks could also own and invest, and this was known as the “principle of reciprocity”, but Turkey abolished this law 6 years ago, and this provided investment opportunities for many foreigners. It was a quantum leap in this field.

- The Turkish government has also canceled the value-added tax on foreign investors and expatriate Turks, provided that they pay the value of the property in foreign currency (US dollars or euros) through Turkish banks, and this saves the investor from paying a tax whose value often reaches 18% of the value of the property.

- It is also mentioned that all the conditions that apply to the foreign investor are similar to those that the Turkish investor is subject to, and there are no conditions for foreign investors, except for the translation of official documents or the escort of a translator for the Turkish language, which are symbolic and negligible costs.

Investing in Turkish real estate is a broad and multi-branched profit gate, but it remains for FCC Real Estate to remind you that real estate investments must be long-term in order to achieve the desired returns, so the investor in Turkish real estate must be patient and have long-term plans to invest his money that he will save on Real estate form in Turkey.


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