Turkey is considered one of the major economic countries, and thanks to its strategic geographical location, which.

How do I get Turkish citizenship?

Date:Thursday, January 12, 2023

Turkey is considered one of the major economic countries, and thanks to its strategic geographical location, which.

Turkey is considered one of the major economic countries, and thanks to its strategic geographical location in the middle of the world and overlooking the most important seas and straits, it has become an important economic center. In recent years, the country has witnessed a great economic renaissance and has become a destination for Arab and foreign investors. The orientations of investors varied, as some preferred to work in trade, import and export, and a group went towards the industrial sector, and Arab businessmen headed towards the Turkish real estate market , and focused their attention on searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul with the aim of investing.

Turkey was able to attract Arab capital owners to live and invest in it, and with a bag of facilities and measures taken by the Turkish government to encourage investors, things have become easier and easier.

In September 2018, the Turkish government issued a decision to grant Turkish citizenship to Arab and foreign investors according to several conditions, and in this context we highlight for you the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Bank deposit : The amount of the bank deposit was reduced from 3 million US dollars to 500 thousand dollars, and this came after the amendments made by the Turkish government to the law granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners. Where you can obtain Turkish citizenship by depositing 500 thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of three years.

Establishing a company and employing Turks:

A foreign investor can obtain Turkish citizenship by establishing a company, factory, or any institution and employing 50 Turkish people, and the required number has been reduced from 100 employees to 50 Turkish people.

Real Estate Investment:

The decision to grant Turkish citizenship was amended by purchasing a property and reducing the value from $1 million to $250,000. This method is preferred by Arab investors and businessmen, as the investor obtains Turkish citizenship and benefits from the high profitable returns provided by real estate.

The real estate market in Turkey witnessed a great turnout from Arabs, and the percentage of sales increased by 50% compared to the same period in the previous year to amend the decision, and 2,611 investors obtained Turkish citizenship within one year, and Iraqis topped the list of foreign investors who obtained Turkish citizenship.

New modifications:

On March 23, 2021, the Turkish government approved a package of amendments to the law granting Turkish citizenship to foreigners by purchasing a property in Turkey. The decision stipulated the following:


  • It is possible to benefit from obtaining citizenship by owning the property once, that is, another person cannot take Turkish citizenship by purchasing the same property through which he obtained the citizenship of the first investor. If the investor resells his property after 3 years have passed, the new buyer will not be able to obtain Turkish citizenship through this property.
  • The investor does not have the right to resell his property to the first owner. Where the holder of Turkish citizenship can resell the property to anyone except the original owner of the property, whether an ordinary Turkish citizen or the company establishing the property. In the event that this happens, this may lead to the withdrawal of Turkish citizenship from the investor.
  • If the investor submits forged identification papers and they are discovered later after obtaining Turkish citizenship, the citizenship will be withdrawn from him.


The benefit of obtaining Turkish citizenship :

Turkish citizenship is considered among the strong nationalities in the world. The holder of a Turkish passport can enter more than 80 countries without a visa.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship opens new horizons and doors for its holder to live in Turkey and work in fields that are prohibited to foreigners. It also opens ways to work in Europe because the Turkish citizen can easily enter the territory of the European Union and obtain a work permit there. Most Arab nationalities face great difficulty entering the countries of the European Union.

It is worth mentioning that the holder of Turkish citizenship has the right to participate in the Turkish elections and express his opinion freely. And because Turkey is a stable and economically and politically developed country, any investment business in the country brings abundant profit to its owner and provides him with a stable and safe work environment.

Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship:

The decision to grant Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property includes the owner of the property and the wife (husband). Citizenship is also granted to children under the age of 18.

The application for citizenship is submitted for all family members in the same application, and citizenship is granted to them at the same time. The investor is required to submit the following documents:

A copy of the passport, translated by the sworn translator, and certified by the notary (valid).       

4 personal photos ( for each family member)       

A document showing the civil status ( proving the property owner's relationship with the wife and children), the marriage contract, and the children's birth certificates.       

Residence permit in Turkey       

Health certificate       

A copy of the Turkish residency and the address of an acquaintance or relative in Turkey, if any.       

A document proving the purchase of the property in Turkey and its ownership (Tapu papers, the purchase contract registered with the notary)       

Valuation expert's report ( the evaluation committee is tasked with evaluating and evaluating the property)       

A bank document of the transfers that were paid to pay the price of the property through the bank.       

The investor must bring with him all the documents mentioned above to apply for Turkish citizenship.       

If you are interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship, we recommend that you, in FCC Real Estate Group, go towards real estate investment, as this field provides you with high and guaranteed profit returns, and it is a safe investment. On the other hand, you can obtain citizenship within a maximum period of three months, through the previous experiences of our valued customers.

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