The fields of Turkish investment vary, depending on the natural diversity, human resources and financial support.

Investment areas in Turkey

Date:Thursday, May 5, 2022

The fields of Turkish investment vary, depending on the natural diversity, human resources and financial support.

Investment areas in Turkey

Turkish investment fields vary, depending on the natural diversity, human components and government support, as we mentioned, in addition to the fact that Turkey is an Islamic country, which is reflected in the nature of the Turkish people, high morals, tolerance and kindness ...., where the investor finds, whoever he is, a lot of Options and opportunities, in the agricultural, industrial, tourism and real estate fields, and here lies the biggest attraction.

Tourism investment in Turkey
Turkey is a tourist country par excellence, with enough areas, tourist attractions and resorts to attract tourists from all over the world, who go to visit many of its cities to learn about its heritage and landmarks closely. We mention from the most important tourist cities (Antalya, Istanbul, Bursa, Trabzon , Mugla .. and many other cities).

Agricultural investment in Turkey
Although the agricultural sector is no longer shining as before due to the entry of strong industries and the boom in real estate and tourism activity, it remains the main source of raw and raw materials for all industries, and the government pays special attention to it, and provides great support to agricultural investors in the Turkish regions.
There are many vegetable and fruit farms, and animal farms (goat, cow and bird breeding) and the resulting production of dairy, meat, cheese, eggs and their derivatives... and the important agricultural industries based on them.

Industrial investment in Turkey
Turkey is full of huge industrial zones distributed throughout the country, which includes a lot of investments and countless industries, and the government allocates scientific research centers that work hard to keep pace with the latest global updates and develop them, we mention the most important industries (electrical, electronic, medical and Sports and technical, textile and furniture industries of all kinds ...), so there are many areas of industrial investments, and they constitute very huge profits and successes due to the strong infrastructure of water, electricity and equipment .. and the distinguished incentives granted by the government to investors.

Real estate investment in Turkey
One of the most famous and most important types of investment, Turkey is a destination for major real estate investors around the world, and there are many investment options between apartments, hotel, land, ready and under-construction real estate, houses and villas..
The government provides its strong support to this sector through many decisions to attract investors, the most important of which is the law granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors through real estate ownership under special conditions.
Real estate companies undertake to facilitate investment operations, purchase and marketing of various real estate, and the prices of Turkish real estate are very attractive, because of their cheapness in relation to real estate in other countries.
And we find a link between the investment fields in any country. The success of a particular sector imposes success on the rest of the sectors, to meet the needs and developments.

Why is investing in real estate considered one of the best types of investment in Turkey?

- Because real estate investment is greatly affected by the state's economy and political stability, and Turkey is the first and best candidate for real estate investment in the region.

- Real estate is the largest growing and profitable sector in the world.

- Investing in real estate achieves guaranteed results, and is far from adventurous.

What are the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey?

- The prices of apartments in Turkey are permanently rising due to continuous foreign demand.

- According to the Knight Frank International Index, Turkey is among the largest global markets in the growth of real estate prices.

- According to Ernst & Young. Turkey is in the second place among the most attractive markets.

- Several other indicators nominate Turkey's real estate markets to provide the best achievements in the coming years.

- The scarcity of real estate of all kinds compared to the demand in the markets.


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