Turkey is one of the countries distinguished by its strong and stable economy, as it witnessed a strong renaissance on k.

The flow of investments from ...

Date:Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Turkey is one of the countries distinguished by its strong and stable economy, as it witnessed a strong renaissance on k.

The flow of investments from Europe to Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries distinguished by its solid and stable economy, as it witnessed a strong renaissance at all levels, real estate, tourism and industrial, where Turkey is suitable to be an investment land for all of the aforementioned fields, due to its natural components and advantages, such as the strategic location and A pleasant and suitable climate, monuments, and heritage, in addition to the presence of strong infrastructure, the availability of experts and specialists in most fields, and government support for all of the above.

Turkey is facing an economic stage, led by the flow of investments

Recently, some international companies have started directing their production and investments to Turkey, so Turkish and foreign investors said that Turkey will be the focus of interest and activity during the coming period for European investors, who will increase the volume of their investments.
And recently, after the serious disruptions to the global trade movement, some international companies operating in the furniture, textiles, pharmaceutical and packaging sectors directed their production and investments to Turkey.
With the start of the economic recovery phase, the disruptions that affected the production chains, especially in Asian countries, led to the emergence of a deficit in the face of the increasing demand.
Therefore, in order to avoid further losses, many European companies directed their supply centers to closer and more stable centers such as Turkey,

Among the most important of these companies are:

- The famous Swedish furniture company IKEA.

- Readymade Garments Company (LPP) based in Poland.

- Boehringer Ingelheim Company.

- DW Reusables international company, headquartered in Belgium.

Turkey attracts Polish investors

In a press interview with Anadolu Agency, the President of the Turkish-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Marek Novakovsky, stated that the investment environment and incentives in Turkey are very good, and that this situation will increase the interest of Polish investors in Turkey.

Novakovsky added to the Anatolia correspondent: "During the last stage, Turkey witnessed the establishment of a group of foreign direct investments originating from the countries of the European Union, in addition to other investments from around the world."

He said, "The chemical industries that are involved in the automobile and construction industries are at the forefront of sectors that will witness a turnout from Polish investors."

He also added, "During the last stage, Turkey was able to develop the logistical infrastructure and open important railways."

In addition to the above, the two countries, Turkey and Poland, are preparing to open a railway, which means providing more logistical support to companies operating in the two countries, according to Novakovsky.

Turkey is the focus of investors' attention

On the other hand, the representative of the Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, Koray Akğluğlu, stated that Polish investors are also interested in the sectors of medical equipment and cosmetics.

He added in an interview with Anadolu Agency, "Polish investors are aware of the rapid development in these sectors.. Some Polish companies plan to open chain stores in Turkey and even production lines.. The next step is to invest in Turkey, whose market size is twice the size of the Polish market."

Akğluğlu stated that this month will witness the holding of a conference via video conference, which will bring together a large group of officials from cosmetic manufacturing companies operating in Turkey and Poland.

"Polish investors and companies are aware of Turkey's strength in the Middle East market, and they want to strengthen their fields of activity in this market and export their products to the Middle East and North Africa, and even the countries of the Near and Far East."

ascending tempo

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg, Tugrul Sharmat, said that the international company DW Reusables, headquartered in Belgium, recently announced that it has made direct investments in Turkey.

Sharmat added to the Anatolia correspondent, that the turmoil in the global supply chain after the Corona pandemic marked a turning point in economic relations between Europe and Turkey.

Sharmat indicated that the movement of investments in Turkey will witness positive developments during the next stage, and that these developments will reflect positively on the volume of foreign trade.

He drew attention to the fact that the problems that occurred in the sector of global supply chain and container supplies, prompted foreign companies to search for alternative resources in nearby geographical areas.

Turkey provides many economic advantages to investors

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian-Turkish Trade House Kadir Kurtulch said that Turkey provides many economic advantages to investors, including geopolitical location, modern logistics infrastructure and flexible incentive packages.

He stated that Turkey also provides a safe and independent location for the transfer of energy resources to European countries, and that its geographical location positively affects the drop in the value of freight and therefore the cost value.

Kurtulch stated that nearly 2,130 companies with Russian capital are currently operating in Turkey, and that cooperation between the two countries in the agricultural sector is increasing, in parallel with the continuation of cooperation in many areas.

The solid Turkish economy , strong infrastructure and government support for these sectors have made investments in all fields profitable and successful projects , and Turkey has achieved global achievements and ranks at all levels .

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